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Trying to stay positive!

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Hey guys! I'm very new one here & this is my first post! To tell you a little bit about me I'm a 19 year old college student from Florida still trying to figure myself out. Sooo I found out about 2 weeks ago that I have type one herpes. When i first found out I was extremly upset.. Not stomach dropping upset but just in shock & confused. I never thought I would ever have to here I have herpes. But in the back of my mind I knew I was going to be ok & this isn't the end of the world. Its really confusing because though I do know I'll be ok I still feel very depressed & isolated. I also have struggled with depression my whole life & normally I have pretty good control of it but lately I've been in such a funk I don't know how to escape it. Anyways I really don't want any sympathyor anything of that kind I really just want to hear inspiring stories or just happy advice of how to not let this get me down! Please help! It'll be greatly appreciated thanks (:

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Glad you found this forum. I've had herpes since I was 20, I'm about to turn 48. There will be ups and downs. Read all the success stories you can. Read the ebook and handouts. Educate yourself the best you can. Don't be afraid to ask questions or vent frustrations. You have a normal life ahead of you. With the help of the good people here you'll make the adjustment just fine.

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Hello and Welcome!


So - you have HSV1 orally? Genitally? How were you diagnosed???


HSV1 is very common ... 80% of people have it orally. Half of all genital cases are HSV1 (with the vast majority from oral sex ... thanks to the fact that 80% of people having it orally and 80% of them not knowing they have it...and most not knowing they can pass it on to the genitals either :( )


I'll post some links below to help get you up to speed on the facts and such ... but do know you will be ok. I got HSV1 orally at age 4 (60% of all kids have it by the time they are young adults) and HSV2 genitally at about 17 from my first sexual experience ... I'm 53 now and it really has only been a speed bump in my life from time to time :)


We are here to help you with any of your questions ... or to let you rant ... or to have you support others. So chime in when you want/need to :)






Handouts + disclosure e-book:



Herpes facts video
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