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Medicate Herpes or Let Naturally Heal?


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I've been on a daily antiviral since I was diagnosed about 2 months ago. According to a blood test I still haven't developed the antibodies. Maybe because I'm on the antivirals? Anyways I stopped taking the medication about a week ago and now I'm starting to have an outbreak.


What is everyone's opinion about using medication daily vs medication just during an outbreak vs no medication at all? I've heard some people just ride it out which lets the body build up better defenses to the virus than if I were to medicate. That way my outbreaks maybe less frequent in the future.



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I use daily medication if I am in a relationship and having sex. Anti-virals greatly reduce the chance of transmission, and I feel this is only fair to the negative partner. If I am not dating, then I only use anti-virals for episodic treatment. This approach reduces the length and severity of outbreaks, while still giving your immune system the opportunity to be exposed to the virus and produce antibodies.

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Thanks beachdude. I guess I'm trying to weigh the pros and cons of being on a daily antiviral if I'm not in a relationship but still want to have sex every now and then. Or maybe I should just not take them and resign myself from sex for a bit.

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I am 4+ months post dx and only took Valtrex during my initial ob as I want to let my body to fight it initialliy on its own as much as possible, even during obs. I don't suffer physically during an ob, but if you do, it might be good to go on meds during an ob. I am currently not in a relationship.


Whether or not my method is better than the options, I really don't know, but I figured it can't hurt to try.

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Medication is a very individual decision ... generally if you can cope with the OB's then it may be better to hold off on meds until you need them for outbreaks or being in a relationship. But if you are having to take days off of work then it's good to at least try the meds and see if they help.


As for the meds affecting your test, well, you are only 2 months out ... it usually takes 3-4 months to get a positive result ... but there's some thought that they may affect testing so it's not a bad idea to get off them at least a few weeks before the test so give yourself the best chance for a conclusive test.

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