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Awkward questions about oral sex and HSV 1

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So, after a long and stressful few months, negative blood tests, one recurrent OB and a swab test later... I have been diagnosed with genital hsv 1. According to planned parenthood, where I was finally properly tested and diagnosed, I was not properly tested when i was seen for my initial OB mid December at Kaiser/Healthspan. I am happy to finally have an answer but trying to cope all the same. I have also been put on acyclovir. My boyfriend broke up with me, hopefully he gets tested... I told him everything. It was the hardest thing I've had to do. My question is... when I become comfortable, and willing to be involved with someone again- will I ever be able to be the recipient of oral sex again safely? Without passing it to my partner? I understand the shedding and obviously abstain during an OB... I guess I want to make sure if I have to have this conversation I am relaying the correct information and staying safe.

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Hello and Welcome!


Well, first, remember that 80% of the population already has HSV1 orally. So the odds are you will be with partners who already have "cold sores".


Also, HSV1 sheds a lot less from the genitals ... so the risk of you passing it on (outside of an OB) is much lower than then other way around. Odds are you got it from your ex from oral sex ... it's sadly very common nowadays (50% of all new genital H is HSV1 because of the increase in oral sex as a "safe" alternative to sex).


There's also a *small* chance you could pass it on genitally to another ... but the latest thinking by the experts is that it's extremely rare (they don't seem to have any confirmed documented cases) But you would want to let a partner know that there is a very very small chance they could get it that way too ... but if they like oral, odds are they've been with people who have had "cold sores" and got lucky .... at least you know to pay attention to your body and avoid intercourse/oral play if things feel "off" ... and of course you can still GIVE oral all you want :)



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Thank you so much!! I've had to do a lot of research since when I was diagnosed the nurse was super short and basically cut me off besides saying I had HSV1. Thank you so much for your help... I'm so nervous especially since I'm newly single. Planning on taking things slow when I do meet someone... haha, I'm in that feeling "gross" stage... but just want to make sure my facts are straight when I feel comfortable again. Thanks again @wcsdancer2010

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