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Well, 2nd herpes outbreak, but it's way different...

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I had my first outbreak of genital herpes type 1 in June '14, but due to a very needed surgery (my gall bladder had to come out), I had my second outbreak. This one was oral herpes type 1. So, I just guess I wanted to have someone listen to me complain. No one understands that when you have an outbreak, you are tired, not just sleepy, but physically exhausted. Topping the outbreak was the surgery. I guess when they got in there, I was full of infection, so had to take not only a high dose of Valtrex but high doses of pain killers and antibiotics. I also have no appetite because I'm just tired, and the outbreak in my mouth includes the back of my mouth/upper throat. Luckily I have the most awesome friend who is an OB/GYN, and called in to the pharmacy on her off time to give me a refill of the high dose of Valtrex. (and as a joke, she gave me 98 refills for the next year) Now, to convince my family and friends that I really just need sleep and healing from everything I've gone through in a week. The strange thing, on days I work (yes, cleared for light duty which includes both my jobs, of which at the most I lift is 10 lbs.) I am not tired. I'm actually wired and hyper, but 5 hours of work is a limit for me. I just come home, climb in bed, and crash. So, LOL, it took over 6 months and a surgery to cause my second outbreak, and it is in a completely different location, but maybe I can handle this. Just gotta keep in mind I can and will get through them, I have a support system in place, and I am strong enough to fight this in any form. Luckily they are both type 1 and easy to get rid of. Hugs to all those out there fighting with me.

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Hello and Welcome!


Sorry you have had so much on your plate ... as it were :(


So you are saying the sores are inside your mouth? If that's the case it's very unlikely it's oral HSV1 - sounds more like Canker sores which are caused by (wait for it!) STRESS and imbalances in your body/health. In which case Valtrex won't help. Oral HSV1 is usually on the outside of the mouth, mostly on the line where the lip meets the skin.




Try gargling with salt water and get on some probiotics ... now with the probiotics you will need to take them in between the antibiotics (space each equally apart) because the antibiotics will attack the probiotics so they need to get in your system when the antibiotics have cleared through. I expect that the tiredness is the infection and recovery from the surgery. And antibiotics can actually cause people to feel pretty beaten up too. :(



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Actually, they healed within the last 5 days due to the Valtrex. The Dr did look at them the next day, and they are identical to the ones I get in my genital area. Same result on the test. They weren't true Canker sores, but the HSV1. I don't get cold sores or cankers usually, but since I was physically worn from the surgery, I did get them. And since my partner and I often have both vaginal and oral sex in the same session, we often have transferred stuff between us. He is a carrier, and does not get sores in any form. But I think the fact that the Valtrex caused the sores in my mouth to heal in 5 days, or be mostly healed (I still have 1 spot that is slightly tender), it shows they were a transfer from by genital area. Yes, my partner knows, and is willing to still be with me and support me. Luckily, we both have been too busy to do anything, along with me needing healing time before we do.

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Well its VERY unusual for the virus to actually be found inside the mouth ... but either way if you both have it and it cleared up, then it's not an issue ...though if you have not had them swabbed I'd be tempted to get them swabbed if they happen again ... but that's me ... I like to know for sure what I am dealing with :)


Try the salt water gargle anyway ... it won't hurt and whatever it is it will help to kill it off.... :)

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Valtrex won't affect swabbing an OB - the OB is the virus on steroids so it should be present in the lesions (the virus has to be present to cause the lesions) .... now blood tests are a whole different thing because Valtrex *may* suppress the antibodies that they are looking for :/


I've had to insist on tests with Dr's who are not fully educated about things before (I insisted on a Lyme test when the Dr said my sudden pain in a finger joint "couldn't be lyme because lyme only affects the large joints" ... he sheepishly called me 3 days later with the positive results :p ... I had an old injury so the Lyme probably affected the finger first because my "large joints" have never been injured). Wave your insurance card at them, stick your tongue out at them and say "humor me" if it happens again ... that way you will know for sure ... ;)

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