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My Valentine's Day herpes outbreak...and other H ranting.

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Hi all,


So been fighting some "other" virus the last couple weeks, and finally end of last week started to feel better. Amazingly, the H was somewhat calm during this other immune battle. So, in the spirit of love and since downstairs had been so calm my girlfriend and I planned a lovely evening of highly lubed sex...meaning 10 minutes when I say "evening". It also happened to be my 4 month H anniversary, yeah!


Yesterday morning, wake up, no prodrome, etc. Go to a movie last night, get home, take a shower, and boom. Literally NINE little friends (mine are like whitehead pimples) all over my gear. Literally almost as bad as my primary. I cannot imagine what it would feel like if it weren't for the daily Valtrex. Going to really observe this and try to not overtreat with oils or anything moist, see how long they hang around. I know my immune system is still down and out, and I pushed the envelope, but was hoping after 4 months for a better response.


Was the 10 minutes worth it? Yes and no. In some ways, being with your giver after diagnosis takes a whole other toll emotionally. Her never having a noticeable outbreak gives her a mental space to lock H away and just truck on. Whereas I have to deal monthly/weekly/daily/hourly right now. She is leaving for 3 weeks, and I am looking forward to the space to heal and deal on my own.


It is amazing how quickly these months have passed. My depression is really starting to lift, thank god. When you're in that head space, each minute feels like a death sentence. I cannot recommend strongly enough that if you are having issues coping and are depressed GET HELP from a psychiatrist and get some medicine. It's the same as taking Valtrex every day for H. There's even clinical proof now that inflammation (the root of disease) can cause depression...guess what H does??? Causes massive tissue inflammation. After 12 days on Zoloft I finally feel able to cope with this better each morning.


Hope you all are dealing well today, good thoughts to all.

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Going to really observe this and try to not overtreat with oils or anything moist, see how long they hang around. I know my immune system is still down and out, and I pushed the envelope, but was hoping after 4 months for a better response.


Glad you have a *mostly* great outlook on things ... and that you got help and are in a better head space in general! But I want to point out to you... 4 months is INCREDIBLY early in your journey and to hope that your body would be under control of the virus at this point is asking a LOT! It usually takes about a year for your body to learn how to control it ... AND for you to also learn what works for YOU to assist the body in knocking any OB's back. So while I get it that you are frustrated and disappointed, do realize that it's asking a lot of your body to totally have this thing figured out already :) Patience Grasshopper, Patience!


Also, as for not "overtreating" this... take advice from an old timer .... find what works for you as far as external treatment and attack the SOB as soon as it shows it's head. I personally use Ammonium Alum ... but there are many ways to go after the virus from the outside. The faster you shut it down that way, the faster your body can deal with it internally and the faster you will heal. And once you know you have some control over the virus, you may find that you won't need the anti-depressants either, because another cause of depression is feeling out of control of your circumstances :)


Try some of the ideas in the links below... I promise, you will be happier when you know you have the ability to control the OB's :)







Links to some of the items suggested in the links

http://tinyurl.com/pmosahc Link to Alum






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