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Prodome symptoms and energy suggestions needed!!

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So, I somewhat think I woke up with prodome symptoms this morning, thighs/butt sore and kind of burning sensation,lower back pain, my throat sore, and completely exhausted but no tingles or itching on my vagina(yet). I had a stressful last week and was drinking coffee to survive my studying and work time and wasn't sleeping well on top of eating crappy so I'm sure all that contributed to what om pretty sure will be my second outbreak. My question is, what do you guys do when you're having prodome symptoms and feel completely exhausted since coffee and energy drinks are a no no?? My eyes shut on their own and idk what I could take to get some energy going? I know vitamin B helps but that gives me hives so idk what else I can do?

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Well first of all, relaxxxxxx. That will help!


I think there's alot of reasons you might be feeling run down besides caffeine (as you know and listed!)


One of the reasons that caffeine is a "no no" is because it lowers your immune system. BUT. Not sleeping lowers your immunity way more than caffeine. I know this might not be the answer, but I would strongly recommend a few restorative "cat naps" (there's documentation over the optimal amount of time to nap to get the most energy out of it).


Try a nap, and you might even find that you don't need caffeine!


Another suggestion might be to try decaffeinated tea or a fizzy water - maybe you can trick your mind into thinking it's awake.


I also haven't noticed coffee specifically giving me any symptoms (I do a cup a day), but I know some people do.


Honestly, I might try to use caffeine, a nap or two, and meditation to try to get yourself through this stressful time.


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@nothinggoodgetsaway I've never been an every day coffee drinker. The one month I tried it every morning was actually the month that my immune system crashed, so, I just take coffee on days I'm REALLY in need of energy. Plus, I'm off of caffeine because I'm iron deficient too. Caffeine doesn't allow your body to absorb iron. *sigh* I have an endless list of things that are wrong with me.


I drink Echinacea tea in the mornings, I was actually hoping that tricked my brain but my brain is like ummm haha nice try. I used to drink green tea and had to switch it out.


My mini naps usually end up being 3-4 hrs for me to regain energy and it annoys me that I have things to do but end up sleeping instead :(


I wanted to see what other alternatives there are but I guess you can't take shortcuts to rest and sleep.


I appreciate your help. :) thanks!

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Since I found coffee to be a trigger, drinking the Starbucks refreshers worked for me as they only have an extract of green coffee beans for the caffeine portion. That helped me a lot. Just because you are having prodrome, does not mean you will have a full OB. Outside of my primary, I've only had a couple bumps or sensitive skin and it doesn't hurt. Don't automatically assume, you're going to have this full blown OB. Are you on daily meds?

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@2legit2quit oooohhh I actually like those refreshers, I'm going to try them if I feel drained tomorrow!


So, sometimes I'll get symptoms but no ob? Well, in the morning they were pretty bad but towards the afternoon they got really mild.


No I'm not on daily meds, I take a lot of vitamin C for now. I want to see if I can control it without so much medication.


Was I what, tired??

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Oh yeah... I get symptoms all the time,bhut no actual OB. I might have some red sensitive skin of red bumps, but not like the OB from your primary. I also can have nerve lain in my buttock and back of thighs and it not present w a physical OB.


Well the vitamins you need to boost your immune system are D3, not calcium or D2, zinc, magnesium, all B and a daily probiotic.

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@2legit2quit if you have the symptoms but no ob does that mean your shedding the virus at the time?


I was looking into vitamin D but noticed that a lot of people were complaining about getting more obs when they started taking it. I'm scared of trying that one. My C vitamin has magnesium and zinc in it and B gives me horrible hives all over so I can't take that one.


Well, before I was a regular tired like long day at work tired. This tired is like 11am and my eyes shut on their own kind of tired. It's like unexplained exhaustion. The first time I felt this was my first ob. The low iron also causes tiredness so it doesn't help. I found out about that a month before H but I only get that kind of tired the day of prodome symptoms. Today, I feel fine.

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Yes, that's how I take it. The immune system is thwarting it from creating a physical sore, but the virus is active. I've never heard of vitamin D causing more obs.


That fatigue is being caused by herpes. When I quit the meds for a couple of months, I was always tired and then when I tried to do physical activity like an obstacle run or walking in an amusement park for 4hrs, I developed debilitating chronic fatigue, that made me almost feel sick. I'd sleel 15hrs and it still take me another 2 more days if sleeping like 10hrs, till I felt normal. At this point, I realize I needed to get back in the meds.

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@2legit2quit I saw several other websites that people mentioned gettingt more obs from vitamin D so I got scared to try it. Maybe they got the wrong one or too much??? What's a good dose to get on? I started eating yogurt with vitamin D and A so I'm getting a little bit.


Whoa! Your fatigue was way more than I'm getting! Is it better now?


I haven't gone back to the gym yet, I'm scared of fainting. I want to try this week if I have time. Hopefully, I dont get worn out because I'm pretty bummed I haven't been able to go for two months :(


I haven't noticed being as tired as you mentioned? I hope it stays that way so I don't need to take daily meds. *crossing my fingers* so far, I only feel fatigue on prodome days. My days are too long to be sleeping 15 hrs, ouch! That must've been frustrating. I have been trying to sleep an adequate amount of time and I try to stay as calm as possible. I think it helps that I'm constantly eating, you should try it! I eat like 5-6 times a day and that helps with lagging energy. I try to stick to a lot of healthy food during the week and prepare it the night before so I won't have an excuse to pick at junk food.

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5000iu.... Actually they find those who have HSV are vitamin D3 deficient. When your body had to fight a chronic infection, it depletes minerals and vitamins faster than normal. Most people think they're taking the right calcium and most are taking D2, which is a waste but has to be D3. You can go off other's, as everyone is different.


My fatigue is fine, so long as I'm on meds. If not, then that happens w physical activity. I ONLY for fatigue like that off meds doing a lot of physical activity, not just day to day sitting around working.

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