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New diagnosis - HELP!

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Newly Diagnosed....Help!

Please bare with me as I am very anxious and trying to be as detailed as I can.


I went to my doctor last week because I discovered the week before that I had small "bumps" on my vagina. I thought they were bug bites - didn't hurt, had very minor itching, and I only noticed because I felt a bump when showering and attempted to squeeze. When I squeezed most of the bumps they didn't hurt much and no liquid came out.


My doctor said that this could be skin irritation and not herpes because it was on both sides of my vagina but wanted to run a test either way. The results came back positive for HSV-1 (>8.0) and negative for HSV-2 (<0.2). I'm assuming it's genital since this is the first time I've ever had any kind of vaginal bumps. I've also never had a cold sore.


My doctor wasn't very forthcoming with information and just told me not to worry about it. I am freaking out because I have no idea how/who I got it from or how to deal with it. My current partner does not have it. I have so many questions that maybe you can help me get some clarity on:


1-What are the percentages of female to male transmission of HSV-1 genital if the woman is not on any kind of medication for it?


2- Can I still transmit the virus if I do not have active sores?


3- Since my "outbreak" was not as severe as many others I have researched - does this mean I will have a severe one coming?


4- How frequent will outbreaks be?


5- Is it necessary for me to go on anti-viral medication even if I do not have severe or frequent outbreaks?


6- Does HSV-1 shed as much as HSV-2 genital?


7- How contagious am I? Right now I feel like just touching anything will cause someone to get infected.


8- What is the percentage of transmission risk if I have sex without a condom when I do not have active sores?


9- Should I refrain from receiving oral sex because it will instantly infect the person?


I feel ashamed, haven't stopped crying and have started distancing myself from others. Any bump I find on my body I start to panic that it can be an outbreak.


I went to the dentist today and had my wisdom tooth removed and now Im obsessing over what might be the beginnings of an out break on my lower lip. I'm washing my hands every time I touch my mouth are any part of my body for that matter.


Please help!


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Hey there....

You have come to the right place... I too am newly diagnosed, told my story and got many informative responses... I had to delete my discussions due to TMI - too much information, but i will be posting again soon... Since I am so new to this condition (both HSV1 and HSV2), I can't yet advise you, but you will get a multitude of responses - very soon... I was, however, told that just because you haven't had a cold sore, doesn't necessarily mean the HSV1 is genital... I also have only had genital outbreaks and thought the same... Sorry I can't give you more info, but it won't be long... This is an awesome site and you wont be DISTRESSED for long ,and you'll be feeling better about yourself and H in no time... I wish you well...

((( Hugs )))

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Hey 2Legit2Quit thank you for answering.


Yes I had a blood test done. She didn't swab anything because I didn't have anything to swab by the time I saw her. I showed her pictures (I took many) and she said it can be skin irritation. After I got the blood test results back she stated it could be herpes and HSV-1 causes 40% of gentian herpes.


I regularly take pictures to see if it's come back (I'm anxious/paranoid since this is all new to me) and the bumps have dried up but you can see a small greyish scar where they were. Kind of like a scar a pimple on the face leaves.


If a blood test has a results of >8.0 does that number indicate I've had this for a long time and just never got diagnosed or is this something I recently got?

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Ok, well you still can't be sure that's what those bumps were. Your results are indicative of an older infection, but can't say how long. Over 4 mi ths for sure, but likely even longer. You don't have to have cold sores, to be HSV 1 positive orally. Most people are asymptomatic. I'd wait until you get another bout of this and go in to have it swabbed.

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Is it possible to have HSV 1 orally and actually get the outbreaks on your genitals?


Do they have to become actual ulcers for her to swab? Or cons she just swab the bumps even if there are no liquids?


Since I'm asymptomatic does his mean that I could have passed this on to others without realizing? That is my biggest concern - I can learn to live with the fact that I have this and some days will be better than others. What I can't live with is knowing I have spread this on to someone else.


I really appreciate your answer to this - I'm just feeling kinda lost at the moment with all this.

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No....but you can have it both locations. You don't only get H in one place and then it causes the other place to OB . it means they're separate infections if it's in both places.


Bumps tend not to have as much viral load on them and can give false negatives. The best you can do is have them swabbed at least 48hrs after appearance.


How were you diagnosed and what were your test results? I can anser your other questions after that's answered.

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@2Legit2Quit I was diagnosed via blood test - HERPES I/II Ab. SCREEN, IgG


The results were these:

HERPES I Ab.(IgG) (AI) >8.0 Abnormal

HERPES II Ab.(IgG) (AI) <0.2 Normal


I noticed the red bumps/pimples (not ulcers and not painful) on Thursday November 13th at night. I thought they were bug bits because that is what it felt like when I touched them. On Wednesday the 18th I went to the GYN and she said she did not see any bumps. I showed her pictures I took and she said it can't be herpes because it is on both sides of my labia and not just one so it may just be skin irritation. She asked if I wanted a full STD panel done along with a herpes test and I agreed. When I got home, I took a picture to examine myself I saw any of the pimples/bumps but I didn't see any either. I did see, and still do, the marks of were they were because it left kind of like a small greyish scar.

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Odds are VERY high that you have ORAL HSV1 and that you have something else going on down below. 60% of young people have oral H1 by the time they are adults. 80% of adults under 50 have Oral H1. 80% of them don't know it because they don't get the obvious mouth ulcers. Given your high result, I'd say you've had this quite awhile....


IF you have Genital H1, it sheds 1/3 as much there as it does orally and 1/3-1/2 as much as HSV2 in that region.


Is your doctor an OBGYN? If not, get thee to a GYN or Planned Parenthood next time you get the bumps and get them swabbed.... that should give you a better idea of what is going on...

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