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First disclosure; first success

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Hi everyone!


Sorry I haven't been posting in a while. Life has gotten in the way and I've just been loving it (despite the fact that I have HSV2!-of course it can happen!) but I just wanted to quickly fill you all in on my recent disclosure to give everyone a little bit of hope. Honestly, worse things have happened at sea...


So, I'm traveling at the moment and I'm using various dating sites; mostly when I'm at a loose end/stopping in a big place. A couple of weeks ago, I was on tinder and I matched with a gorgeous South American guy. His first message to me was: "fancy some casual fun?" And honestly, I am having such an adventure that I couldn't think of a better message. I'm not saying I would pass up on a relationship with the right person, but travelling and commitment often don't go hand in hand.


So to cut to the chase, I said yes, but first I need to tell you something. I explained that I carry the virus and the stats and stated that if it was an issue it wasn't a problem for me. He immediately responsed and said no worrjes and that we would just need to be careful. I was ecstatic.


Later as we chatted more, he asked the question "excuse my ignorance, but how can herpes affect me"? So I told him everything I know. He said "wow, this is big, I would have it for life"? And I didn't lie. Just told him everything straight. And you know want? He still wanted to pursue something. He invited me over. For reasons completely unrelated to herpes, I chose not to meet him. But I know that he still wanted me, a stranger, with this "baggage", and that has made a world of difference to me. I wasn't scared about telling him and we were both after the same thing. Plus his opinion didn't mean anything to me.


But I just wanted to show, that disclosure, and everything in entails, will NOT automatically lead to rejection. People have the power to surprise us-in a good way :)



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