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TWO MONTH OUTBREAK? losing my mind.

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I was diagnosed with HSV-1 when I was around 16 years old. I am 28 now, and I have only had a very small amount of outbreaks in my lifetime, none of them being severe except for the first one. I am not really sure what to do anymore because I feel like I have tried everything. About two months ago, I noticed a bump forming on the top part of my vagina. Then the tingling happened in between labia majora and minora. The bump on the top feels like a cyst, and a little puss comes out when you squeeze it.. not a typical sore I would imagine. The others are just extremely tiny and I can't see anything, just the tingling and pinching. My gynecologist gave me valtrex which did nothing. I asked for the ointment which was hundreds of dollars WITH insurance, but I was desperate and bought it, nothing. I tried eating raw garlic lysine, multivitamins, immune boosters, bee propolis, echinacea, cranberry with probiotics, another probiotic, epson salt baths, cleaning with hydrogen peroxide, apple cider vinegar, you name it. My doctor looked at it and she thought the bump on top was a lymph node rather than a cyst or herpe. The also said she didn't see any sores, but that I had bacteria. I was put on flagyl and was hoping to god that would fix it. Nope. Also took flucozonale for yeast, which also did nothing. I am now taking two famvir twice daily for sevens days, then one from now on. For these two months, I would have days where I thought it was going away, but then it comes back. Nothing severe, just extremely annoying. I also went to a different doctor because I was sick close to the time of outbreak, and lymph nodes in my throat haven't gone down. She said bloodwork and everything was normal, I shouldn't worry. I just really feel like my immune system is being comprimised or something, and my body isn't healing. I don't know what to do or where to go. It ruined a relationship I was in and has made me depressed. I am just at a lost and came here in maybe having someone help me. All help is extremely appreciated. I have also been tested for all other STD's and am clean on everything else.

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I hear you sister... I sometimes wish I had a penis; having a vagina requires a lot of work :)


My blisters were like tiny paper cuts, no puss was oozing out of them. However, I had many ingrown hairs over the years, had 2 minor procedures to remove them. When they are forming they feel like sth was sucking my skin to the area, kind of like a tingling feeling. Maybe that bump is a congested lymph node (I am told it can happen) or an ingrown hair?


If your symptoms are getting worse, I suggest that you have a CBC and get you hormone levels checked including your thyroid levels. Maybe, some underlying problem is aggraveting your herpes symptoms. I think there is a link btw vitamin D deficiency, diabetes, thyroid problems and vagina problems since they can distrupt your immune system.

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Thank you for your comment. I went for a physical when my lymph nodes in throat did not settle, and she told me my blood work showed there was no sign of infection, and blood count was normal. They did an ultrasound and thyroid test and everything came back normal. I know that I am extremely stressed out, so I am wondering if I am just making myself sick. Is there any other tests other than the initial blood test they can give you to see if your immune system is okay? I do feel that there is some underlying problem and I'm pretty scared about it.

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Keep in mind, my thyroid test came back normal too, but when they tested my antibodies, I was in full blown autoimmune thyroid failure. Unless you saw an endocrinologist z they only out you in for THS to test. Go see an endocrinologist, they're the only ones who really understand hormones of the body. I too am having a horrific o going on, Luke almost as bad as my primary and nothing is making it stop. Every day more blisters come out. I believe that me stopping NY birth control and restarting it is playing a part in it. Are you on bc?

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thanks for all of your posts. I have an appointment next month with an endocrinologist. I have also been having stomach issues that no one can seem to understand. They gave me flagyl for BV and then yeast meds for the impending one that would follow the antibiotics. I am not on birth control.

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I believe hormones are a huge culprit to H flaring more. Quitting BC cauae Ed me ibs almost as bad as my primary recently. Stomach issues coukd be from all the antibiotics you're taking for being treated for bv. Stat taking a good daily probiotic and about 3 a day for awhile to build it up in your gut.

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