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Hi again all,

I know every one is different but I'd like some guidance on prodomes and avoiding sex. Do people really not feel anything ever? Bc I will feel a tiny little reminder about once or twice a day. Just a slight tingle, itch, or twinge. I'm not having sex right now but would like to at some point lol. No actual OB since the first one 9 months ago. Will I have to wait a week each time I feel a slight twinge? Thanks!

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I was feeling the tingle all the time before, like everyday. I am not sure if is was psychological, some nerve damage from the first OB or an actual predrome. It stopped after I put helichrysum essential oil in a diffuser and sat over it. I did it 3x and the tingles went away. I have not felt one in weeks. But I am not sure if this actually fixed the nerve damage (if that was it) or if my tingles were purely psychological because I was stressing over hsv.

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I'm really curious what others have to say about this.... is a slight tingle here and there always considered a prodrome? It's been 9 months since my first and only OB..... should I consider myself contagious from those little tingles? I'm going to call on some of you that have helped me in past discussions if that's ok.





Thanks everyone!

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I am having the exact same experience and was about to post the same question! Multiple times a day I will have a tingling feeling yet I haven't had an outbreak. I am still getting used to this since I was diagnosed about a month and a half ago. Any information/advice/guidance is greatly appreciated. Thanks!

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I was told those feelings could last 4-6 months or so..... now that I am on the other end of that and coming up on a year, I'm not sure what that means. I'm assuming it is a prodrome and I should consider myself highly contagious. I'm thinking I'll go ahead and start taking suppressive therapy which I haven't been, and see if that helps. Either way I think it'll help me feel better about the prospect of having sex.

Are you on suppressive therapy @minnejojo?

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