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Very subtle ob

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I'm new and a little scared. I found out I had H a couple months ago. I'm having a very very hard time dealing with this. But I need some advice. My ob are very subtle sometimes I'm not sure if I'm getting one or if it's razor burn. I'm on 1 gram valtrex suppressive, but I shave and it seems like bad razor burn a couple days later. Or... I'm sorry to say but sometimes I get pimple like on my behind. Does anyone else have an issue figuring out if it's a break out or not? I'm scared to even shave or do anything down there cause I don't know. Any advice would help. Thanks

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@optimist it's possible. But even with my first outbreak it was more like cuts and second like little pimple sore things that weren't horrible looking but hurt like hell. But since valtrex it hasn't really happened. Maybe very light ones that are just itchy. But it's so hard to tell sometimes. It's so frustrating. I just don't want to be afraid to do my normal things. Shaving, cleaning with out being crazy about using two different towels, SEX (which I'm more worried about). I feel like I can't get use to this. I don't know. Sorry for the rant

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@Mel2316 I understand how you feel. It's frustrating to not know for sure. I felt a tiny bit of irritation after shaving a couple months ago and called my doctor in tears, wondering if I was having symptoms, fearful about a potentially greater risk of transmission. The irritation ended up going away a few hours later so I don't know if it was related to shaving or HSV or something else. I'd also just started taking hormones, so I had a lot going on with my body. Most likely I was just noticing every little thing because I was fairly newly diagnosed and in a hypervigilant state.


Anyway, the doctor suggested temporarily doubling the dose I take (500 Valtrex daily to reduce transmission risk) if I ever think I might be having symptoms. Hasn't happened yet, but nice to have a plan in place. Sounds like you're already taking double that dose, so I don't know if a similar option would exist for you, and you'd want to discuss that with your doc anyway, but good to hear it sounds like the dose you're taking has resulted in fewer outbreaks. If this is a new infection, hopefully the outbreaks will continue to diminish in frequency.


ETA: Until you can figure out whether these mild symptoms are related to HSV, at times when these symptoms are occurring, it's definitely advisable to refrain from sex. The day I was unsure of what was going on with my body, I had an awkward talk about it with the guy I was seeing and I did feel like it caused tension between us, but that was still far preferable to the alternative.

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I have trouble sometimes too. Sometimes I get a little bump that doesn't follow the stages of H - the opening and scabbing and all that. It's just a little bump and then goes away in like a day or two. Super confusing and frustrating but I figured out that it usually happens around my period, which I know can be a trigger. H is tricky and annoying at times. I know it seems like you won't get use to it, but it will get better. I still think about it a lot and check for outbreaks all the time, but waayyyy less than I use to. You'll figure out what works for you. I decided to take the meds a few days before my period this month and during it, and no little bump. Take it one day at a time! It gets easier!

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Thank you. Yeah I seem to have trouble around my period too. It's more like itching then bumps. But I don't know lol. I'm on the highest suppressive of valtrex, but my body is also stressed from so much stuff happening in my life. But if I do anything at all I want to make sure it's not there at all. Sometimes it's hard to tell. I don't want to be afraid to shave or anything. Cause I have no clue if it's bad in grown hairs or what. It does go away pretty quickly though. But I mainly get pimples or H on my butt.. I feel weird saying that lol. Some advice though to you guys, if you don't already. I use betadine when I have an outbreak or see the beginning of one. Or think I'm having one. I will tell you it's a god send. It literally heals it in a couple days. So just some advice. It's a little pricey but totally worth it!

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I haven't heard of betadine. I'll have to look into that. I'll put melaluca on mine (tea tree oil) and that helps a lot. I get the tingling around my period too but the past few months I also got a little bump. Haha my first OB was, what I thought, a pimple on my butt, so I know what you mean! The past few months, they've been in a different spot than my original OB. So who knows. I just treat them like outbreaks. I'll look into that betadine. I have found that a lot of things people say are triggers aren't for me though. Like stress and chocolate and up until recently my period and so on, so it's different for everyone. Basically, H is a jerk and does what it wants. But you'll get a handle on it all!

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My period definitely does it, it's more itching but I get the pimple on the butt to lol. The way I can tell sometimes , and it's gross and I shouldn't touch them, is I put my finger on it and if it burns. Slightly. But look into the betadine. My friend who has it she uses it. She said that was all she needed. But my body is to stressed, with my bipolar and life I need meds. It'd you decide to use it put it on the first sign of outbreak it dries it up fast. Sometimes I feel so paranoid that every itch I have is it. You ever get like that?

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