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This is so hard been a day knowing and I am lost and confused

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I am a 27 male from NYC and I just found out I have H. I went to the doctor yesterday and got a blood test. The results are in next week but there is no denying as much as I want to. I had a outbreak 2 days ago. Shooting pain in my gentians bumps everywhere!! I noticed a little bump two months ago but paid no mind . But NOWWWW it's shooting pain i am bleeding . I had a girlfriend and she even noticed the bump two months ago but she paid no mind to it . Reason why I think she is the one that affected me but really what's the point I'm stressing who did . She lied to me so many times and caught her cheating that I officially broke it off . Would have happened even if the H wasn't there. Before joining this site I read a lot here and found useful info reason why I joined. PLEASE I NEED ADVICE SOMEONE . These bumps are killing me . I am for sure never having sex again I feel dirty idk idk what to think . I feel like dying

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@stew4 I'm sorry to hear about your situation. You are still obviously in shock from your initial diagnosis. We all go through the shock of initial diagnosis and feeling like we have been contaminated. That's normal. Yes at some point you will want to have sex again. That's a primal instinct that people have, but it won't be for awhile. Right now you need to focus on healing the initial outbreak and yourself mentally. Be gentle with yourself. Herpes is your health barometer. If you are stressed to the max, the outbreaks will be worse. Now is your chance to start taking care of yourself. Eat healthier, exercise and boost your immune system first. You will find that the healthier your lifestyle is the less outbreaks you will have. Good luck to you.


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Yes it is demonstrated in many cases. A strong immune system will either kill a virus or push a virus like herpes into dormancy at the base of your spine where it hides. Start on your browser with a lysine/arginine ratio. Study the foods that are balanced. Stick to a higher lysine diet and supplement with 1500mg of lysine per day to keep herpes in check. Processed foods are not healthy and have very little essential vitamins needed to keep your body strong. I would not recommend wings and fries frequently, but occasionally is just fine. The herpes eraser book will not cure herpes, but it is a great nutritional reference to get you started on your journey towards asymptomatic. I am currently asymptomatic on no antivirals managing simply by diet, exercise, lysine tabs and vitamins.

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Seriously you have no idea how much your words mean and sorry for all these questions. Should I take lysine now or after my outbreak ? I am not positive for H yet but the doctor already gave me Valacyclolovir Hcl 500mg . Should I take lysine now or after the Outbreak . Is there any cream for the itch I read a lot epson salt and water but anything else. I also ready coconut is good ??

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If you're taking an antiviral their is really no need to be taking lysine. The antiviral will handle the virus just fine on its own. I would only use lysine if I weren't taking an antiviral. I did try lysine some years back but I didn't find it very effective personally. Others however swear by it, so it is worth a try to find out if it works for you.

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