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Two amazing disclosures

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My first was after I found out the very first day I was distraught and in tears crying my eyes out .I had met he man I wanted to be with forever and now this ! Anyway I rang him in floods of tears and he was so concerned however being a virgin he didn't even know what hsv2 was .He said he needed time to read up on it and understand what was happening . At this time I barely knew myself and was not armed with facts I was just scared .After about an hour he called back and said " don't be silly it doesn't even seem that bad ...we will be fine".A few short months After this- he put a ring on it !!!..and then I put that thang on him ( lol ) .Never any awkwardness or constant herpes talk ! We lasted 6 years and broke up for reasons not related to herpes.He also never had an outbreak.


After our split an old friend got in touch after 10 years.We git talking and enjoying each others company .I was so afraid to tell him but I knew I had to because we were already having phone sex !So I rang him and said " nine years ago I was diagnosed ...i have outbreaks now and again however I am now on suppressive therapy so the chances of you getting it are very very slim..." after I finished talking he just said how much he respected me and it has changed the way he sees me (for the BETTER) .He said he needed time to research and understand.I braced myself for the rejection i decided that i am fabulous and would be ok with myself even if he wasn't ok with me...Only that wasn't needed as three days later we were getting buck wild on his office table haha!


Just want to encourage someone who feels like their life is over and that they will never be accepted.I am not saying all disclosures will go this way but be so comfortable in yourself that whether they say yes or no you can walk away knowing that you made a moral decision that some people just choose not to make.For that you have to recognise yourself as a rare breed of people and anyone should be happy to have you as clearly you put the safety of others before your own pleasure and desire .We are beautiful and we will continue to shine irrespective of a Skin condition!! Happy disclosure everybody!!!



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