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Severe Itching Lasting For Weeks

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Hello All


I was recently (18 days ago) diagnosed with HSV-2 when my initial outbreak started (I am a 30 year old woman). I have read a lot on this forum and other sites about herpes and what to expect. My biggest issue is the itching. I cannot stop the itch - it has been very severe and intense for over a week! I tried everything - Epsom salt bath, soothing ointments, antibacterial itch relief sprays, icing it, baking soda - everything! I don't use soaps or lotions, I barely touch my skin - no wiping, no underwear (I work from home). Cortisone creams and Benadryl did not work. It does not stop for a second and it is driving me absolutely nuts. I don't know how much longer I can take this - I cannot do anything just cry all days and all nights. Do you have any experience with this? Have you heard of anything that I could try to do to make this better? I don't care about pain as much as the itch. How long is it 'normal' and what if it doesn't stop? My initial blisters healed within 12 days on antiviral meds but I noticed a new painful bump on the back of my left thigh. The itching started after the blisters healed and has not stopped for a moment. My skin is very sensitive and painful if I scratch it.


Thank you for you time to read this.


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Hi Randy,

Itching was something that drove me insane after I was diagnosed. It eventually went away. I didn't do anything specific, just waited it out. I'm sure that you could do a search of the forum and find a few posts with things that people have tried. Hang in there! It does eventually get better as time goes on.

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thanks @MMissouri and @As89. I tried essential oils like tea tree and peppermint and it actually worked magic. I think I am already on my third outbreak within a month but I am down to just one blister now and some itching so I am hoping my body is slowly developing it's defense system...very very frustrating new life for sure.

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I tried the tee tree but it burned my skin, I actually just tried moraccan oil and it's working. Only relief I got from the pain. I've had an outbreak for about a week with 4 big lesions really sucks. Just something you have to get used to unfortunately :/ hang in there, you aren't alone.

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