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Help me understand please!

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I was diagnosed this week with HSV1 but in the genitals. Lucky me got it from my bf of a year and a half from oral sex with no signs or cold sores on him...ugh. Naturally upon initial diagnoses they said it was HSV2 but blood tests for both of us confirmed the strain.


My question is where do I go from here? I know I can pass it on, etc but what is the likelihood of repeated outbreaks? Is it less than HSV2? From my understanding wherever the virus enters is where you will get outbreaks. Do I opt for suppressive therapy or just wait for the next round of hell to hit me?


I have been trying to wrap my head around this situation and I am not getting clear answers. I understand that a virus will never go away but I guess I'm wondering what I'm in for or what my next steps should be. My doctor was more interested in stereotyping me and accusing someone of cheating than having an informed discussion.


Thanks for your help!

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Well, some good news is that HSV1 genitally is usually milder than HSV2. As for the outbreaks, it varies. The first year after the first outbreak is usually the worst. Some people have a one and done type thing, some people have one a month. It can depend on how healthy you are, how good your immune system is, and how much friction there is to the area. Sex seems to be a trigger for a lot of people because of friction/dryness. Lube becomes some girls/guys best friend. Same with shaving. Tight clothing. Irritation to the area in general. Since he has HSV1 orally, you really don't have to take the antivirals if you don't want to (Unless you are planning on becoming pregnant).


The location of the outbreaks is not necessarily where the virus entered. It's more of a generalized area. (Some people get it on their butt cheeks, thighs, etc). Usually the outbreaks do occur in the same area as the first though.


Sadly, a lot of doctors are misinformed. You've come to a great place for information. You're next steps are really just adjusting to the news and learning how your body is going to react to the virus. Nothing really has to change. The fear of disclosing is the worst part of the entire thing and since you are in a relationship, you get to avoid that for now.

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