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Sore won't go away after Brazilian. Is it HSV?

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I have lurked here for a long time and gotten so much wonderful advice. Hoping someone can help with my latest concern. I have gHSV1 and occasionally get a cold sore that lasts 2-3 days. Usually I put some wild oregano oil on it and it very quickly dries up. I take 500 mg Valtrex/day for suppressive therapy


Nine days ago I got my first ever Brazilian wax. Very painful as my hair is coarse. Two days after that - the same day I unexpectedly saw my out of state boyfriend - I started feeling tingling. I popped two additional Valtrex that day. No cold sores. We had sex that night.


Four days after my wax (two days after seeing him) I developed a cold sore that turned into a whitish looking spot. It feels like there is something "in" it. It feels hard. It may be several bumps close together but I can't tell by looking… Only feeling. I only see the whitish spot.


I've treated it with Abreva, oregano oil, bactine, alum....but it's not going away. I went to the doctor yesterday and she said it doesn't look infected and does look like HSV. I was thinking it could be some kind of hair follicle infection from the wax. She ordered Valtrex cream but insurance won't pay for it.


Today I tried clortrimazonel and betamethasone cream since this sore isn't going away and it seems different than herpes. But I know steroids are bad for HSV


I'm having irrational fears. What if this sore doesn't go away? What if I've permanently damaged this nerve ending? Why isn't it gone after 5 days when I've never had a sore last this long? Why does it look different?


I also worry I exposed my boyfriend to HSV even though we used condoms, I'm on V, and I had no sores that day. I didn't realize prodrome is dangerous too.


I appreciate any advice. Thank you!!

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I'm a little confused. Cold sores are oral herpes, but you're talking about your genitals?


This is my thoughts-since you have genital herpes, odds are shes going to associate any irritation to the area as being genital herpes. If your normal routine is not clearing it up, I would assume this is not herpes. That being said, if it's your first wax it could very well have irritated you to the point your outbreak is worse than normal, but I'm thinking if things don't go away soon, that you may very well be having a problem from the wax job (ingrown hair is common if you have coarse hair, cysts, bacterial infections, etc.).


I would start looking into possible reactions from waxing and see if anything looks similar. I believe warm compresses and antibiotic creams are recommended but you'd have to look it up. Keep us updated!

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