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Acyclovir working? Worse subsequent outbreaks

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Hi. I was diagnosed in April during my

First ob. I immediate took acyclovir and have been taking it daily. (I'm not interested in med free so really only want advice on the the different meds)


I didn't have any obs from April until November 22. I got one immediately after my first laser hair removal treatment in my bikini region. It was mild insofar that I had one tiny ulcer and it cleared within 4 days


However I suddenly got ANOTHER outbreak on dec 18 and its worse. I have a deep ulcer and a blister. It's slightly bleeding and it almost looks like there is a string of skin near it. I've NEVERRRR had a blister before. Im also alarmed by the long period of time between my first and second outbreak yet a short period between my second and third. Further, I worry that I've already had 3 outbreaks during my first half year even on daily medicine!




I'm wondering if the medicines aren't in fact working? Has anyone switched between the two medicines?

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Ignore my question on your other post. I'll answer both here.


You can change your meds if they aren't working. Just like any other prescription, what works well for some people does nothing for others. Talk to your doctor.


The third outbreak sounds odd. A deep ulcer? Are you sure it's herpetic? I would get to a doctor as an open wound down there could very well become infected easily. At least you may get some answers and or antibiotics if you need them.


Since you've had this less than a year, 3 outbreaks is not bad. The first year is usually the worst as your body is learning the virus and how to adapt. As for triggers, well, until you get a handle on the virus (give your immune system time to adapt-usually a year), i think it's harder to determine what may cause your outbreaks. You can journal if you want to, and see if certain foods/activities are the culprit, but I (just my opinion) wouldn't focus to much on triggers just yet. For example, shaving/waxing/hair removal and sex are usually very much triggers in the beginning. If we just gave that up then there would be a lot of hairy sexually frustrated people out there. It may irritate you at first, but as you get accustomed to the virus those "triggers" may no longer apply.


I'm all about getting healthy and changing your diet if you want to do so. But people who feel they must give up chocolate and coffee (so sad) because they now have a virus bothers me. So much plays into an outbreak- Are you stressed? Is the area traumatized (friction)? Are your hormones fluctuating? Are you coming down with something? Do you have autoimmune issues? Etc..


That being said, if you are a person that likes to feel somewhat in control of your outbreaks, I guess that assigning triggers may give you some relief. My personal opinion is we have a virus that is going to cause outbreaks, and unless you are experiencing a traumatic amount of outbreaks, it happens.

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@mmissouri thank you! So I'm guessing you haven't personally ever switched medications?


I'm just disheartened because I was told by so many that my outbreaks would continue to become more mild. While my third isn't nearly as bad as my first, I am shocked to see my first ever blister as I have only

Experienced the "paper cut" ulcers before

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You're welcome!


I don't take antivirals. I did for my first outbreak and my pregnancies, but that was it. I've had this since 1999. Way before the craze of the internet and the help of forums. We just were given a positive result and a prescription.


I will say that my first two pregnancies I was on valtrex, never had an issue. On my last they gave me acyclovir and I didn't like it. I don't know what it was, but I felt like I was more likely to have an outbreak on that. I didn't, but I felt like it. It could have been the fact that I had to take double the amount of pills and I was lazy. Who knows lol.


Here's something you may consider, if you had internal outbreaks (meaning they couldn't be seen) there is a possibility they were blister like and you just didn't know. It's really a learning period for you, and until things adjust and settle down, you don't really know what your "normal" is going to be just yet. Try not to worry to much at this point. As time goes on you'll learn and it'll be just a minor annoyance that pops up occasionally. Just remember, you're not getting "more" of the virus, you're just hyper-aware of the area now and paying way more attention to it than you probably were before. Learn but don't obsess. It'll all calm down eventually.

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