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Success but help!!??

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So my boyfriend accepts me excellent! Couldn't be happier! But for one issue, my doctor says I should stop suppressive medicine to see how I am now. I asked my boyfriend if he'd still want me if I got a problem, he said "of course, unless you give it to me"

Of course I'll try not too!!! But he doesn't use condoms, his choice.


I know no one wants this. Do I just take this as a flippant comment, because no one wants it, or end a relationship out of fear, when the relationship is great and he doesn't seem that bothered that I have it. I don't want to question and pressure him, but I don't know how to take that comment. Anyone any experience?

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Did your doctor say why he/she thought you should stop taking antivirals? It was my understanding that they're safe to use long-term for most people.


I can understand that you dont want to question and pressure your boyfriend. I do think it's really important that he understand there will always be a risk of transmission, no matter what, and that risk increases without the use of condoms and you potentially going off antivirals. His comment makes me think he's not crystal clear about transmission rates.

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I'm in Europe, they always recommend you come off after a year.


Well yes me too, but the thing is I told him the stats when I first told him. He also went to a doctor himself and discussed it. Although I wasn't there I don't know exactly what was said. I've also mentioned that there's a risk but it's low on a few occasions. I don't think he understands it, but not through lack of me trying. That's why I'm not exactly sure what to do now. What more can I do, I think I've tried. On the one hand he seems so non plus that I have it, but on the other he wouldn't want me if he got it. I just don't know.


Maybe I'm overthinking and maybe it's not a massive deal and I should try not to worry?


Thank you for replying :)

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Sounds like you've definitely done your part to try and educate him. I'm a big over thinker myself, so maybe I'm not the best person to reply to your post. :-) Perhaps the doctor's suggestion that you stop antivirals could be a good opportunity to discuss further (e.g. "The doctor says.....and I was wondering how you feel about how this changes transmission rates....").

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Thanks. I honestly think he forgets what I first told him. But I can't keep stressing myself out about it and thinking I need to talk about it again. Think I'm just going to forget it. He gets oral cold sores anyway and the doctor said that makes it even less likely he'd even know about it if he caught it

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