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Alopecia From Valtrex

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Hello Family,


I was diagnosed in June 2016. I opted for suppression therapy in August 2016. Valtrex 500mg once daily. My Doctor wanted to try me for 3 months to see how it worked for me. Valtrex started out amazing. It did exactly what it said it would which was keeps my outbreaks at bay. It also gave me confidence to date as I felt I had control. I stopped taking Valtrex about 2 weeks ago which was halfway through my 3rd month due to extreme hair loss. Patches of my hair falling out to the scalp. I also am currently having a breakout which sucks because I'm one of the people this affects painfully. Since being diagnosed in July I've had about 4 breakouts. Possibly more if I hadn't have been on therapy. My 2 questions are:


1. Does this get any better. Is the first year typically the worse as my body is developing antibodies?

2. Is there ANYTHING I can take in conjunction with Valtrex to stop the hair loss.


Like most women, my hair is my crown and it's already so difficult coming to terms with this virus. The pain was so bad I HAD to take medicine. I need to take Valtrex but I can't lose my hair. Losing my hair has made me me even more depressed and withdrawn. The fact that I stopped taking the medication and I almost instantly had a breakout is heart breaking. I'm at a point where I'm so tired. So sad. So alone. I feel it's becoming more than I can bear. I have no idea what to do and my light is dimming.

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I'm sorry to hear about the loss of your hair due to Valtrex. Have you checked with a doctor to ensure that it's from the medicine? Also, have you considered any alternative options. As an African-American woman, I frequently wear extensions and weaves to change my look. Is this an option for you? I know that our hair is often our means of identity & esteem; however, your hair doesn't make you "YOU". Your character, charisma, integrity, etc. makes you who you are. I pray you find relief or a way to alleviate this concern. I'm also hoping that this loss is related to some other factor like stress & not your medicine.

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Valtrex and acyclovir are the same med basically... so if one cause hair loss, the other will too. Tthis has happened to me. I am devastated. I have to decide between a constant outbreak or massive hair loss. I opted for the outbreak... because as a hairstylist, my hair is important to me. I already feel so depressed about the diagnosis, now the hair loss is awful. My doc keeps telling me she's never heard of this happening, which is very frustrating as clearly it happens to lots of people!! Have you found anything that helps??

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