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Disclose to Parents?

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I am 23 years old and currently residing with my parents after a tough situation financially and emotionally. I have recently been seeing a guy and last Friday I disclosed to him my H+ status because I wanted him to know before things got too serious.


We ended up talking a bit about it and I feel it was a bit shocked and even admitted he was afraid of STDs but he also felt I should inform mt parents of me being H+ since I also told him they didn't know.


This is where I feel conflicted because he made some fair point on why my parents should know but I also just don't feel it is something critical for me to do since I am an adult and that kind of information is more on a personal level and doesn't directly affect my relationship with my family. I'd really appreciate any thoughts or opinions on whether I should tell them because I'm a bit conflicted and of course nervous so I hope maybe some experience can be shared with me.



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I don't see any reason for you to disclose to your parents unless you actually want to do so and believe they could be a source of emotional support to you. Aside from that, I can't come up with one valid reason to tell them. Trust your instincts and don't listen to anyone giving advice when they're in a state of fear. {hugs from someone old enough to be your mother!} :-)

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Hell no, don't tell your parents! Obviously everyone's parents are different, but just like Katidid says, you only need to tell those you plan to sleep with!! I made the terrible mistake of telling my mother (who is probably MUCH older than yours, and in the "old school" category) and she was judge, jury, and executioner. I was SHOCKED...but then again, I should have known better.

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I told my mum and it was fine.. She only really cared about the HIV results. Deciding factor should be - if you need the support and help of your parents to get through it, you can risk telling them. Otherwise, there's really no need.

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