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The Case of the Disappearing HSV-1 Antibodies

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Hi everybody, I'm new here! So I just got diagnosed with genital HSV-1, my outbreak sucked, I think I most likely got it from oral sex and it was a recent infection (blood test was negative, swab was positive). I've spent all week sitting on an ice pack and doing non-stop research, like you do... but one thing that stood out to me in that research was that I actually *did* have herpes cold sores as a kid. The summer I turned thirteen, I had the grossest, most embarrassing blisters all around my mouth for what felt like a month (it was really tragic and memorable for me, clearly). The doctor called it herpes, I died a little inside, but it never came back. As an adult, I've been blood tested for HSVs and both have come up negative. My question is, WHERE DID MY ANTIBODIES GO? I shouldn't have been able to contract type 1 at all, mouth or genital, according to what I've read. Does anyone else have a similar history? Has my immune system just gone to shit?

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Hi @JJmagnetic. Is it possible you were misdiagnosed when you were a kid and the rash really wasn't HSV? That seems like the most plausible explanation.


This does pose an interesting question though. Anyone know if one already has HSV1 orally, can they get it genitally later on? I have HSV1 orally and HSV2 genitally. I've never even thought about the possibility getting HSV1 genitally too.

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@HikingGirl I suppose that could be what happened- although I remember it pretty vividly, and it followed all of the phases of a herpes outbreak. Tingling, bumps, stinging open sores, and then crusty scabs. If I picked at them, like a teenager would, it would start over and spread. I looked great!


From everything I've read, it really seems like you'd be highly unlikely to contract HSV-1 genitally- you probably have built up some immunity.



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JJmagnetic..I could very easily be wrong but is it possible that what you has as a child wasn't HSV but Impetigo? The rash is very similar and most people who do get it get it as children as I did. I grew up in the 60's & 70's and impetigo was very popular in the carribean.

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