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Having trouble believing this. Saw my doctor today.

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Hello. Where do I begin? I'm 47 yo and divorced after a 25 year marriage, several years ago. I was then in a very serious relationship with a wonderful man. we decided to end our relationship due to some difficulties we were going through. We were apart for 8 months and I thought we were over for good. Heartbroken, I eventually began going out with a man I met and we dated for several months. We started a sexual relationship after about a month and negative HIV and HEP B and C tests. Once the tests came back negative, we stopped using condoms, as we were not seeing other people. This relationship lasted a few months before I ended it due to major differences in our views on life and things we need in real relationship. Several months later, I unexpectedly reunited with my partner of 3 years and we decided that we we were in it for life and are planning to marry. I was very honest with him about my sexual history following the end of our relationship. He decided that what happened while we were apart was a moot point. He did not date during that time apart. We had a beautiful weekend together last Saturday and Sunday and made lots of love. Monday night I started coming down with a fever. By Tuesday it had shot up to over 104. By Wednesday I started noticing these small sores on my vagina and became very concerned. I told my sweetheart about this and my concerns and he has been 100% supportive and loving. Fever continued for several days. The sores increased and have become increasingly painful. I went to the Gyn today, accompanied by my partner. I was informed that based on the numerous sore and the presentation, I'm having my first genital herpes outbreak. Finding this forum has helped me immensely over the last couple of days. I started medication today. My partner and I have so many questions about how to enjoy our normally delicious sex life with herpes as part of the mix, while doing our best to protect him. We last had a lot of sex last Saturday and Sunday. How long before he would breakout if I have unknowingly transmitted this to him? I could really use some advice. I'm trying to keep from catastrophizing and forming a moral judgement about myself. I never thought I'd be dealing with a new herpes infection at my age

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It is quite possible your love has it and don't know; therefore, passing it to you. Has your love ever been tested? At this point, to know for sure, a bloodtest would be best. But ask yourself does it really matter where it came from, because your love seems to be very supportive and not leaving your side. A big big plus in my eyes.

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