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Looking for some friends for ongoing support

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Hello, I live in Florida... was diagnosed over 15 months ago when I got back together with my ex... surprise surprise, it didn't work out after a yearish. I knew the relationship wasn't healthy and the only reason I stayed most of the time is because of the fact he exposed me to this virus and didn't think I could be with anyone else ever again. I was ashamed and willing to marry this guy despite the unhealthy relationship that we had just so I could avoid the dating scene. Finally, a concerned friend could notice my unhappiness and I came out to her I had H. She managed to convince me that it wasn't a big deal and that she had family members that dated people that had it and her sibling never contracted it or considered it a big deal. She told me not to settle. So I left him and here I am back in the dating scene. I just want either a female or male buddy that can help me through the highs and lows of dealing with this socially in the dating scene. Sorry for my long winded story, just thought I'did give some background. Thanks everyone!

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I was diagnosed last November. Of course it wasn't easy to accept it. Fell into depression but I am way better now. I haven't been back in the dating scene yet but I do believe we do have a future. I think what you need to do first is understand all the things you need to do in order to not infect anyone. The more info you have about it the better will be for you to share with someone. Think as that you need to educate people about your condition. You will be surprise knowing what people are willing to accept in a relationship.

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Hello Everyone, I've got genital herpes 4 months back. I've been on aciclovir for past 4 months. I've stopped aciclovir now. But, I fell exhausted now. N suffering from upset stomach and loss of appetite. Please, help me guys. I am suffering from much mental trauma. Pls help me out.

Lv u!!!


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Shcrazy, I know how you feel! I'm one week post diagnosis and I'm numb. I don't know how to verbalize exactly how I feel...hardest thing I've ever been through but a friend told me that with this skin condition you'll see who's really with you, you'll become a better person & you'll be forced to take better care of yourself!

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I'm happy to help - I've had it for 15 years, been through two long term relationships since (including a marriage) and several short term ones. It's scary at first, but it gets easier, and you will be surprised with the amount of success you will have! I think of myself as a "destigmatizer" now when I disclose, paving the way for others to have an easier time of it and change the conversation a bit. Even if I get rejected (which has only happened to me once), I think about the fact that talking about it could change people's attitudes even a tiny bit. There are some great people out there - yes, even for casual sex. Happy to chat further, because I know it's hard, and sometimes I still struggle with it, in my darkest moments.

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