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Aftermath of disclosing.Help.Please leave comment.Don't just open to read like so many & not comment

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First off let's start off by saying I haven't gotten my results yet. I went to the dr one wk ago today because my ex called and said he had hsv2. I've been dating a great man for 11 months. I told him last Friday I got tested and there's a possibility. He was very soothing to me, very understanding and caring. In a nut shell told me I was silly for thinking he would leave me because of this. We did things all as normal the whole weekend. I actually forgot about it. Now fast forward exactly one week later. We haven't said one word about it since last Sunday. I told him once again losing him was my greatest fear. Hsv2 seems manageable although probably irritating. Transmission is low if a person knows they have it and is cautious. I told him if results were positive we could learn about if together and that I would take meds even though I've been symptom free so that I could protect him. He told me he understood and that he didn't want to put anymore pressure on me and that we would cross that road when we get there. Well I feel a slight shift in him. It could be nothing or if could be the beginning of everything if I'm actually positive. I feel like it's been just a little bit less attentiveness on his part. He's already pretty bad at responding to texts sometimes so it just seems to be another layer of something. I'm losing my mind. I don't know what to think, say or do. I want to ask him if we are ok. Do I need to prepare for him leaving me. Just saying that brings a stream of tears to my eyes because I love him with all my heart. I'm feeling so down. The UNKNOWN. Results are taking so long. I'm in limbo. I wish I was passed the results. In my heart and mind I feel like my results shouldn't matter. I'm still ME. Please help me make sense of this. Keep in mind it's very subtle changes in him but the stick out to me cause I know him. He's a very upfront person though so I hope it's nothing to do with this. He tells me all the time my thinking is going to get me in trouble one day. I over think and I think all the time!!

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I know its hard to stop overthinking, I still do it! I'm horrible when it comes to overthinking things. I found out I have genital HSV1 two months after getting engaged to my fiance. Its been over two months now that we've known for sure that's what it is and I still sometimes overthink things like if hes less affectionate or any little thing that could be a perceived as being slightly "off". I have to stop and remind myself that these things happened even *before* the diagnosis and that if it had anything to do with that he wouldn't be proceeding with our wedding, talking about how he can't wait to get married, and taking engagement pictures with me. Maybe opening up to him about how it has impacted your self confidence and worries you could be reassuring. My fiance pretty much never brings HSV up. If anyone does, its me. He doesn't think its a huge deal and therefore doesn't feel the need to talk about it. While to me, I still don't feel normal down below and want to talk about it probably way too much. So to satisfy that need of mine I come here and talk to all of the lovely people on this website!

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I understand that you are extremely worried, as we all have been in that moment,but try to stay in the present or at least don't drive yourself crazy thinking about the numerous possibilities. I think you should wait for the results and then have the talk with him to address any concerns (if they are still evident). You may endure this conversation now and end up with negative results (God Willing). Maybe he is thinking about it also, but him analyzing the potential situation and maybe being in a pensive state of mind doesn't necessarily equate that he is planning an exit or that he will leave you. He also told you he wouldn't leave for that reason so trust his word and try to relax and shift your thoughts to something more positive until you have the results in hand. All the best

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Thanks so much for your insight. I guess I should stop worrying about the things I can't control. Hopefully these results are here by Tuesday so I can move forward. He's a great guy and very supportive. I don't know what he's thinking though. I wish I did! I'm going to try to stay positive because all this worrying is gonna drive me crazy. Maybe he is processing what it will mean if I'm positive. I guess another layer of my worry stems from him not being in love with me. It seems so crazy to me and this is something I fight with myself in a regular. It's been 11 months and I am so in love with him. He moves slow and is very cautious with saying those words. We ar both out of failed, long term relationships. So I guess in my mind I'm thinking, well he's not in love with me and so this is going to make him hit the road. He cares about me deeply, actually me and my 4yr old son. He makes me FEEL loved but he hasn't said it. Why wold he stay with me if I have this and he doesn't love me?! I'm so great to him! He tells me I'm the best. He's so great to me! Idk, just more and more thoughts. ~sigh~

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