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HSV2 Fiancé has Autoimmune/Thyroidectomy

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I have had HSV 2 for at least two years. My fiancé has an autoimmune disorder. She was diagnosed with Hashimoto’s and had her Thyroid removed. We decided to wait until we got married to have sex. However, she is very afraid of getting HSV2 due to her autoimmune problems. She is very afraid of how it might affect her health. Is there any group Or body of research that anyone could point me toward that might deal with this question? I have tried asking doctors but they say they cannot give a medical opinion unless they examine her. But she lives in Europe and I am in America. She says the doctors in Europe are way behind the United States in terms of medical knowledge.

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I have autoimmune hyperthyroidism (she's hypo which is opposite but they're both autoimmune) and just contracted HSV from my husband after 15 years of monogamy. And it's a non issue for me at this point. Good luck and congratulations!

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