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Are these herpes symptoms?

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When I had what seem to be a scratched skin two years ago down there, well atleast that was the doctor said... I am not sure if I had experienced anything else after that.. Then last March there was flu like symptoms, back and shoulder ache then presto three big blisters down there.. What's so ironic is that I never had anything in three months... I mean sex. So I was like what the hell is this? In the internet, they said that initial attack would include flu like symptoms and muscle pain and that prodrome is tingling, itching and burning. But the thing is, when the doctor put me in Acyclovir...the sores went away quickly like within three days and five days after like I got my period I had one small blister again...so I needed to take the meds again for five days and after that I experienced flu like symptoms again for a few days without any tingling, itching, burning. Then I had unprotected sex. The day after I had the tingling, itching and bumps.. The day before that I went to see the doctor asking her if I am having an outbreak especially because I wasn't well for a few days already. She said I'm fine no sign of lesions she took some vaginal discharge and said that no hsv at the moment just some bacterial infection. So i need to take antibiotics. The sex probably triggered the OB or is it asymptomatic shedding? She said the fever might be something else and that if I feel pain down there then that would be n outbreak? Does that made sense? The bacterial infection was understandable on my part because I have been tinkering with my flower for like hundred times a day always on the look for lesions somewhere else... Really paranoid. I still get low grade fever up until now that the last OB are almost healed. Which i suspect probably from my blood pressure as I am very tensed since March and more since I made a mistake of sleeping with a guy without saying hey I probably can't. I get normal temperature when I try to calm myself.. And please shed some light on me with regards to the prodromal symptoms...would that be flu and itch nd stuff or just the itch. I am a bit confused as I get migraine heasaches since I was 13. But this times, sometimes I'd have severe headache then itching after a few days or sometimes only flu lie symptoms and headache. I'd always suspect for an OB. i just wanna be familiar with my own symptoms. The first time I saw this doctor last March I am not so sure if she made the viral culture or just ocular inspection. And when I suggested what about I take the blood test she said I can but I don't have to because I will get the same result. Sometimes I think I don't want to come back to her anymore...

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I can't really tell you that those symptoms are related to the herpes. I have a friend who has had it for several years and still gets the flu like symptoms when she is going to have an outbreak so I would think it's possible that this happens with your body.


A lot of what you are saying sounds like stress related symptoms. When I first got H I was constantly checking for obs and constantly getting obs, so I understand your paranoia and stress.


What I would suggest to understand your body better is to chart all of your symptoms and obs on a calendar. So you can go back later and see if any of it corresponds with each other. So if you get flu symptoms and itching write it on the day it occurs. Then the day an ob shows up write that on the calendar the day it happens. This way you may be able to get a better sense of how your body is dealing with the herpes, and the prodromal symptoms you experience. This has helped me greatly with understanding my outbreaks. I hope this helps...

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