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Blew my Mind, Still Does


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Standard annual physical. STD negative except for HPV high risk - which I just found out I got in 2016. My doc didn't tell me as its not typically a big deal and men spread it the most as they can't even be tested for it... however, in my case it started to cause rapid cell changes on my cervix.

So a biopsy is scheduled for early November 2017. It is at this biopsy that the gyn says, this looks like a herpes lesion. I'm thinking, excuse me? Legs up and ready for a biopsy... thankful for the .25 of zanax they prescribed for sure now. She then proceeds to tell me that this looks like I've had it for a while as it was just one tiny little sore that I felt but thought just a tear.


The last time I had sex was June 23, 2017 with an old lover. The prior gentleman I was dating got tested, as I swore it had to be him, and he's negative. So sex in June and test negative twice, and he and I haven't used condoms for years, but between the two blood tests I get a mild, secondary break out. I don't know how it's possible for the antibodies to not show up in my blood until January 4th, 2018 if I'm having a supposed secondary BO in early November 2017. So, I'm still kinda really pissed about it as the only person touching me since June was me or my gyn at my physical!


Anyway - I've had like 2 weeks off from different symptoms since November. I take acyclovir 3x /day if really miserable for a few. Otherwise on suppressive dose, 2x / day inbetween BO and still.... I can't seem to heal. Not so much sores, just really uncomfortable and it moves around. Inside, then just on one labia and so forth. So far, no issues beyond my vagina.


This Sucks and I'm still just like WTF

So Hi and I've enjoyed what I've read so far - just really bitchy about this tonight

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No lesions- just discomfort

My initial discomfort was a single tiny lesion on my labia. No istching or tickling or burning.

My girlfriend had them in both vagina and rectum and surrounding skin and thighs. . Better day today- just ready to feel normal again and some great orgasms to celebrate :)


Your experience?

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Herpes is so unpredictable. I had classic herpes lesions pop up 15 years into a monogamous relationship with my husband never having any symptoms. I freaked out but have learned a lot since and I don't really care anymore. I am, however, on the edge of my seat waiting for a second out break and wondering what it will be like. I don't take any meds for it. I figured I want to learn how my body handles this on its own since for most it's hardly noticeable. If I were actively dating I'd do suppressive therapy but since I'm married and the assumption is my husband gave it to me it's life as usual for us.

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Hi Username - It's so good to hear that others had a similar moment of the virus awakening. And congrats to you and your husband for handling it all with grace, so it seems. You are very fortunate as it's a huge having to deal with such an invasive, unpredictable, painful and mind-mess of virus. Not to mention the societal stigma attached to cold sores on ones genitals.

I can't fathom sex even with myself for over 3 months since my first tiny little lesion appeared and I found early November - it's just that bad for me. Not the lesions, but the discomfort. Even now as I sit and type shy 1 month later ... I still have not healed from my January BO. And I take drugs daily - so, I'm sure they help in my situation, but certainly they have not "made it go away".


Thank you for sharing and your experience brings a smile.


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