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Valtrex causing consistent herpes symptoms?

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Valtrex causing Outbreaks? Hello, I’ve had genital herpes for almost two years. The past six months or so I’ve been taking valtrex without previous treatment. Before treatment I’d only have symptoms when I was having an outbreak. Now Although my outbreaks (if I have one, but not often) are now miner (cuts), I still have symptoms almost every day (like what I feel when I’m getting an outbreak. Pain in my thighs, tingles ect.). Maybe one day I didn’t feel a symptom. I currently struggle with anxiety and getting help for it. *I think the symptoms are less but still they happen every day. I’m trying to watch my diet and balance the arginine and lysine (doing my best but struggling). I’ve read that others have issues with valtrex. I may try acyclovir. I haven’t read too many details on other people with issues with valtrex. If anybody can educate me on this it would greatly be appreciated! Thanks!


I also walk for an hour three times a week (usually).



Also, below my butt I feel a nerve twinge once or twice an stops. Doesn’t hurt, I just feel it. Herpes symptoms? Or just nerves?


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I had same issue. I had constant prodrome (never had experienced prodrome in 35 plus yrs....just had read about other people's prodrome symptoms) when I started valtrex. Gave it about a month to subside. Took a two week break and started fresh with Acyclovir and never looked back.

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I had the same problem. If you're not sexually active or if your partner has it/doesn't mind then I recommend using the acyclovir cream whenever one comes up. I put it on even before one actually shows up and it usually stops the outbreak from occurring. It took me so many months of pain (I had horrible back to back outbreaks) before finding out that this works for me. I would give it a shot if I were you!

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