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Well, I remember the night clearly (of course, it was 2 days before my 20th bday) I was texting my EX boyfriend and we had finally made plans to become intimate after five years of being broken up (We have never been intimate with each other before besides the occasional make out sessions). He came to pick me up. We went to his house, popped a flick in, and proceeded to making out and doing things wouldn't do in public. He said something like "girl u gone start something u Aint gone wanna finish". I brushed it off. We had unprotected sex, we conversed for another hour then he dropped me off back home after making reference to another ex boyfriend that him and I both knew. Ikr, some "date". He texted me the next day and I didn't hear from him again. The day after he last texted me (aka my bday) I get this strong itch on the right side of my vag right before the entrance. I panicked because I never felt a itch so strong in one spot before and notice a discharge. I go about my day push that off after making mental note to contact a gyno who accepts my insurance. I call the next day schedule an appointment and wait two weeks to be seen.


I go in and silently pray to my maker that I don't have HIV, herpes or the new antibiotic resistant strand of gonorrhea. I already had it made up in my mind those were the WORST diseases anybody could have. I'm completely honest while I fill out my registration form (how many partners in lifetime, last pap, yada yada yada). I tell my nurse practitioner my previous symptoms (btw the itch only lasted a couple says I think) and you know what she says? "That's usually a indication of herpes." My heart sank. She gives me my paperwork to take to LabCorp, I go straight there they tell me results back in 24 hrs or a few days depending on doc office.


I count down those days all the while researching the herpes symptoms and self analyzing some other things I notice ( three itchy bumps on my rear). I conclude, yup that's probably herpes, but ill wait till my nurse calls. She does and confirms my denial. I have herpes. That day (May 21, 2013 at about 3pm CT) I was at a lost. I texted my neglecting ex and say "Is there anything you need to tell me?" Of course he has no idea what I'm talking about but I tell him I want to see him ASAP, he insists I tell him thru text. Hell no. Screen shot technology, I won't embarrass myself. We go back in forth until I finally give up on the whole thing and tell him have a nice life. That day I research like hell symptoms, types, coping methods and whatever else I could think about my Bday present. I call my nurse back and ask for my Igg number she says 20 I say I want to take suppressive therapy to reduce the risk of herpes transmission (I met a great guy right before I found out. Go figure). I get my script and go about my days. I tried to break down but I feel like its my fault. I can't even actually say my ex gave it to me because I don't know how long I've had it. I'm scared thinking that I may have passed it to somebody else. I'm lost, angry sometimes, hurt, defeated and I feel kinda abandoned by God (not all the time though its more of a why me). I'm trying to stay as positive as ever. I'm so grateful for this forum and I will be back to see when I should disclose to my new friend (we haven't had sex, only kisses once). I just wanted to share my story and hope you wonderful people can give me some advice and feedback. My sister found out after she found my new meds i thought i hid in my messy drawer and I was angry with her because I wanted to keep my present to myself for a little bit longer. She was so supportive though. Thank God for her. She's older than me and she told me its not the end of the world and no you don't look like a huge herpe germ. Lol.


I'm sorry my story is so long I wanted to get out all I thought was necessary. But lastly can anyone tell me if 20 is a real igg number/ can it be that high or higher? Also I'm sure I have HSV-2, no cold sores ever. I haven't had the painful below the waist OB I keep reading about. I don't want to pay to much insurance money on getting additional tests so I'm guessing the valtrex will keep it calm. Okay I'm done ranting. Lol.

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Hi. So its only been a week, huh? I'm so happy you found this forum. Way to take care of yourself, finding community and answers :)

I'm happy that you have your sister for support too! It can be really nice to have a shoulder to cry on, and a big wise sis reassuring you that you don't look like a huge herpes germ lol.


I am posting the links to 2 handouts that Adrial made up. I find them to be really helpful, answering some really important questions.






I wish I had an answer to your IGG question, but I don't know.


Sending love and hopefully some peace of mind.


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