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Had gyno appt. Not sure what he means.

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A month ago I had a sore. Went to my local nurse at a clinic she did not swab the lesion. I lab work. I got blood work done. Igg Hsv 2 positive . The rest was negative.


So the gyno I saw today. I could not get an appointment any sooner while the sore was still fresh and new. It is now healed over but the skin area is still tender and sensitive.

The doctor Said that the lesion or sore should have been swabbed in order to get accurate reading for herpes. The nurse at the other clinic chose not to do a swab even though I asked her.

The gyno doctor said you can't go by blood work IGG number. He said that just means I was "exposed" to herpes.

What is he talking about?

He said it's like getting a vaccine for a disease, your blood will show up with antibodies showing you've been exposed to it but doesn't mean you have it. Same with herpes. He said majority of people has been exposed to herpes if they've had close contact intimacy, kiss. Etc. and would probably show antibodies to herpes. Doesn't mean they have it.


what is he saying? He confused me a bit.

He was very nonchalant that I had about it all and said he can't say what I had or what the sore was without a culture swab.

I told him about the tingling sensations and the awful itching which the itching has just about gone now but I still having tingling sendations going on feeling like creepy crawleys and it's been a month since I had the "outbreak".

He didn't seem concerned about the other symptoms.


And he thinks whatever sensitivity I have in my genital area is due to hormones as I'm nearly 53. And he said the skin gets thinner and more sensitive with age. And he prescribed me estrogen cream.


I also have burning and irritation after I pee. And I had my pee checked. Came back clean. No UTI.


I don't get it. I had a lesion, no doubt about it. Very painful and I had the tingling and itching. And positive igg blood work.

So why would this doctor not go with this info.


he didn't give me any anti virals just in case I do have another break out.


He said IF I do happen to get another sore to go to his clinic and get it cultured.


And he said to carry on as usual when I asked about my husband and having sex with him.

He didn't say anything about abstaining if I had prodome. Or tingling symptoms.

I actually mentioned the word prodome and he just ignored me.


So wtf. I mean in a way his carefree unconcerned attitude made me feel better and the nurse assistant was like oh yeah herpes is super common. She said out of every fifteen patients there's twelve with herpes.


Is like it was no big deal to them.


I'm trying to make it not a big deal but dreading the possibility of getting another outbreak. I had a very mild case. And that was first time. Oh that's another thing, The doctor said a first outbreak is usually very bad and not going to get just one sore.


I honestly think the doctor was not informed right.


What do you guys think of what I've said.







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Doctors don’t care about herpes because they know it’s not a “real” health issue, I got


For hiv and STDs every year and never knew I was not tested for herpes till I got a ob then they tested me for it cause I had symptoms already had antibodies so u won’t get much information from he doctor

About it

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Thanks lifegoeson for your comment. I think it's very odd that they are like this about it and that std screening doesn't include herpes. It's quite strange. I know it's a bit of a stretch but it seems it's like it could be money related. Look how much they prescribe the antivirals. I'm sure if people were more educated about herpes they'd be perhaps a little more careful. I have to say I have been a bit ignorant. I did not realize how easily it's transmitted and that it is in the body long term. It's not like some other std's where antibiotics are given and it clears up.

I am also really surprised that different medical staff are not educated enough and have differing points of views and information on the same topic.

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If you test IgG positive (assuming it is not a false positive) you have HSV. I've heard other people say their doctor said the same thing but an exposure without actually contracting the virus will not result in your body making antibodies. Your body makes antibodies to HSV only if you have the virus. And the bit about if it's an initial outbreak it'll be bad is also incorrect. 80% of people who have HSV have no noticable symptoms. The reason I say no *noticable* symptoms is because although most have ZERO symptoms some have mild symptoms that are over looked or not noticed.


Of note is that it takes about 3 months post exposure for your body to produce enough antibodies to show up on a test. So if you're already testing IgG positive it's safe to assume your initial exposure was anywhere from 3 months to several years or more ago.


Good luck!

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I know! It's crazy to see how much doctors don't know about this virus. Part of that might be because it's just not clinically significant so they haven't spent anytime learning about it. It may not be clinically significant but for now it's socially significant. Too bad hopefully by the time my kids become sexually active it won't be so blown out of proportion socially.

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