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contracted genital herpes last month and now oral herpes!!! This totally sucks!

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Hello, guys. So, this is my first post. Kinda shy about it I guess, cuz I don't know you and you don't know me. I guess that makes us on equal footing :) So, here goes. A month ago I thought I had bacterial vaginosis and it turns out I have HSV2 (in my vagina of course). That was quite the shock. I got on antivirals, told the guy I was with, and checked with my previous partner to see if he had gotten tested for it. I had tested negative two years ago when I was with my previous partner. He said he was negative, too, but got tested again just to make sure. So I definitely got it from the guy I am with now. It is okay because he had no idea. He was asymptomatic. My current partner did get tested via bloodwork and he is positive. Okay. So, It was uncomfortable, got on antivirals, used coconut oil which turned out to be my saving grace, and sort of got better eventually after a few weeks. We had sex and then oral sex, and bam! Now I have HSV2 orally! Oh my goodness! This is worse than the genital stuff because I have a hard time eating and now I have a cough and my throat aches and I went to the doctor twice because just hell! The first trip, she restarted me on Acyclovir and upped my dose to 800mg 5 times a day for a week. Then a week later I started to cough and get a fever, so I went to the same practice but another doctor because she had an opening sooner. She gave me a lidocaine mouthwash (thank god) and prednisone which has helped immensely in just two days but the lesions are still there. It is on the mend, though, I think. Tonsils definitely look better than they did before I started the mega-dose of Acyclovir. But, there is more. I just started getting symptoms genitally again and, lo and behold, I am experiencing another genital outbreak to go along with my oral outbreak!!! Ack!!! And oh my god! So, I guess I just need to vent. Thank you for listening. :) On a different note, I understand lack of sleep, illness, and stress can be triggers. Sadly, those are all kinda common place for me. I work full time at night and go to college right after work. Also, my kids have some medical issues. My youngest daughter is going for a cardia stress test next Tuesday cuz her heart is acting all wonky and she better not die on me! I die before my kids! My son has high-functioning autism and epliepsy. My oldest daughter is working on becoming independent, but it is really a struggle for her. So, my house is full of young adult children with some issues and a wonderful, sweet 5 year old grandbaby who is just as stubborn as me! And kinda what that all means is illness, stress, and exhaustion are not something I can avoid so much. So, I started on Lysine, Vitamin B complex, vitamin D, and yeah. Hoping that helps some. But I sure am having a heck of a time of it this first month and a half. Oral HSV2...geeze, that is supposed to be uncommon. I am grateful, though, that it is just herpes. It could be so much worse. But I am also so very done with these dang flippin outbreaks!!!! Um, thank you again for listening!

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