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Outlandish idea for guys? Electrical tape on the base of the penis

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Hi friends,


It sounds a bit crazy, and maybe it is, but I was seriously thinking about this last night.


What if I take some electrical tape (you know, the black one), and cover the base of my penis, where my infection is?


I'm not talking about covering sores (much less open sores), but using the tape on the infected site when the infection is apparently dormant, and the skin looks OK.


I would do it with the girl I trust, so it would create some funny moments (word of caution for the one-night standers: this could be too much to handle for your partner after a disclosure, so it's less suitable on that context - but who knows nowadays, LOL).


The goal is making sure the asymptomatic shedding doesn't put in danger my partner, as well as being more confident to move more deeply and relaxed, without the fear of making contact with her on that area, etc, etc.


What do you think guys, could this make a difference?

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I also heard of Liquid Bandage as a possible preventive measure.


Theoretically it creates a protective film that is waterproof, and its effects last for some days.


It wouldn't work for girls if the infection is in the inside I guess, or in any mucose tissue (guy's gland), but it could work well when the infection is on the external skin (ie. penis shaft).


The usage would be spreading it over a healthy looking skin, where the infection normally occurs (but not during an outbreak! which is risky anyways and could complicate things), in addition to all the usual measures: condom, suppressive therapy (acyclovir/valacyclovir/etc), and your natural supplements (l-lysine, garlic, zinc, apple cider vinegar orally, diluted oregano oil, etc).


Here are a couple of links:

- http://www.newskinproducts.com/liquid-bandages/liquid-bandage/

- https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Liquid_bandage


What do you think guys?

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It is possible for men to have sores inside the urethra, so liquid bandage wouldn't do the job either.

Additionally, there is no guarantee that the virus would not permeate while the coating is in liquid form.

Not to mention the fact that combining it with other compounds (oils, vinegar, latex, spermicide, lube, etc) might defeat the intended barrier.


All of these ideas do have common foundation, which has merit.

To reduce chances of transmission through suppression of the virus and creating a barrier. But there are already scientifically designed methods to accomplish that.

Valacyclovir and condoms. And they are very effective. In fact, the only methods my doctor recommended to me, excluding all other methods.


There are a lot of factors at play in protecting a partner from accidental transmission. Biological, molecular, statistical, physical, and chemical. There is a possibility that thinking outside the box and using unconventional methods may unwittingly create additional risk.

Rarely is the simple answer the right one.

But in the subject of protecting partners health, that is the case.

Disclose. Take suppression medicine. Use condoms.

Until you both agree to do differently, knowing there will always be risk.

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I do agree that liquid bandage is not the answer. However, it’s been well established that condoms are only effective in protecting the parts that they cover. Condoms are not effective protection from H if the H is in a place that the condom won’t cover. @happyman_adventurous, I think it’s amazing how you are trying so hard to protect your partner! I just sent u a private message with some thoughts on how to protect her, using safe barrier methods, but putting the barrier on her intimate parts, not yours.

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