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Soul searching. “I am not H...but who am I?”

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So this may be a little off topic so forgive me if this is not the place for this post. However, maybe it will spark interest for others that need to recharge their life!


I am want to take some solo trips. Take time for myself to get in tune with my life & really focus on the good. I am not H, but who am I? I live in Texas but I am not opposed to traveling to different states.


What I’d like is if you all could share some ideas on where to go. Maybe some places you have been. I did find some cool resort type healing places when I searched “self-discovery” trips. I do like the outdoors, cold or warm. I have no limits really on what I’m looking for. Can be a weekend of hiking, just look out over a beautiful scenery, or a weekend inside a spa, meditating or just reading and writing.


Thanks in Advance.


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Depending upon where in Texas you live it might change what feels "different" to you.

Obviously the big tourist sites: Orlando, New York, Atlanta, Las Vegas, Sand Diego, Seattle come to mind. Plane tockets are relatively cheap and getting a hotel and rental car is a snap.

If you're looking for wilderness, to me North Carolina around Asheville is king. Hiking for days, antique shops, ma and pa restaurants galore.


It depends upon what you feel like you need.

Personally, when I need to escape, gain some perspective, and gather my zen. I look to the ocean. I try to visit the sand, the waves, and rent something right on the water.


Just be aware that travel can lead to loneliness. If you can get a travel buddy, that's a good option. Another is to just butt into a group that looks like tourists and offer to buy a round of drinks in exchange for a game of 20 questions or whatever. Bringing a buddy and butting into groups can lead to good times, so don't rule either out, haha!

Those tactics work anywhere, and make a good cure for travel disapointment, if the worst should happen.


If you have the savings for it, going out of country could be a good option, but do your research. Many countries lack "modern" amenities we take for granted in the states. Cell networks, internet, taxis, and English are not guaranteed to be common (or exist at all) in a lot of places.

But, I personally liked Croatia, Singapore, Japan, and Sydney, Australia. Croatia being the least tech savvy. But English is common in all those places, so it's easy to make friends (or get into troyble if that's your kick).


Ask yourself what you need. Ask yourself what you would like to imagine yourself doing. Then ask what you'lll probably actually do. Then decide where to go where all those things are possible.

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