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It’s official: it’s HSV1

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I got my culture swab results today and it turns out I have HSV1. I also started my period and I have no idea if the OB has healed or not. Kinda afraid to check. I’ve been using tampons and idk if I’ve felt any discomfort, maybe I have idk all I know is I’m pretty sure I get them on my cervix anyway because the initial OB gave me abnormal discharge too.


At this point I’ve accepted it but I’m a little confused on what to do next.

I was almost hoping that it’s was going to be a HSV2 diagnoses because I’m terrified of getting cold sores (I’ve never had one around my mouth in my entire life) and I’m freaked out that oral sex is gonna be a no go for me from now on.


I’m also concerned that I might’ve contracted the virus in my nipple because I have a piercing there...I got a nasty infection around the same time as I had the OB along with a little bump that has since cleared up but the piercing is still a little crusty.


I’m scared that the OBs are going to be frequent and that I’m going’s to get them every time my period comes, or after every time I have sex or just be an overall problem over the next few months with tons of OBs. I was really hoping on a HSV2 diagnoses with only one outbreak...


I figure the first outbreak could’ve been worse. I didn’t have any discomfort while urinating but I did have a bump on my clitoris which was some of the most annoying pain I’ve ever felt. Idk if my body is good at ridding itself of the virus or if the acyclovir has anything to do with the fast clear up but idk just so so so many questions and variables and such swimming around my head...


Edit: also will the HSV1 virus spread? Am I doomed to be getting cold sores along my mouth too?

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First, if it makes you nervous, remove the nipple piercing. You can always get that redone in the future.

Second, you are not doomed to have the virus spread. I was hyper paranoid about spreading the virus myself (ghsv-1), so I didn't shave pubic hair for like months and washed my hands with soap and warm water frequently (as this effectively kills the virus). I didn't end up spreading at all or having subsequent out breaks. It might have been overkill, but it made me feel a little more in control.

You can also take a daily suppression medicine like valacyclovir. It helps your immune system target the virus more accurately and also helps prevent transmission when used in combination with condoms.


Just remind yourself that it won't be difficult for long. And you'll start feeling more normal soon.

In the meantime, practice appreciating yourself and try to see the good things in you, personally and physically.

The body image, self-image part was really hard for me personally. The trick is to try to keep doing the things you have always done that make you feel like yourself.

For me, weightlifting, tanning and running were a big part of my self-image that I stopped for several months after my diagnosis. Looking back, I should have continued, just at less intensity. I had trouble looking at myself in the mirror for a while. Try to not let that happen to you, exercise and appreciate yourself!


You'll find that most or all of your fears are unfounded. That things will be just fine.

Keep being you and you will find that you haven't really changed in any way that matters.

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I guess at this point if the virus did spread to the piercing that’s kinda that. I MEAN i hope it didn’t but I guess I’ll see when I get my next outbreak...


I also guess that a lot of my fears are just things I’ll have to figure out as the years go by...

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On 6/7/2018 at 11:22 AM, maplemaple said:


I guess at this point if the virus did spread to the piercing that’s kinda that. I MEAN i hope it didn’t but I guess I’ll see when I get my next outbreak...


I also guess that a lot of my fears are just things I’ll have to figure out as the years go by...

Did you go back to tanning, if so did u get an outbreak? I just tanned today after being diagnosed with Ghsv1 since end of July 2018. I was scared because I’m worried it will cause and outbreak but I do it so limited I’m hoping it don’t effect me.. most I Go is 15 mins once or twice a week. I started out only going 6 mins today to see what happens. But tanning for me is relaxing and I love the color I get as well. I’m just wondering if had any problems with tanning?

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