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2 and a half months in.

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Hi everyone! I'm a 22 year old female still in college. I found out I had hsv2 genitally after my first outbreak. The doctor said it looked nothing like herpes but the tests came back positive. It wasnt an awful out break and I can definitely handle it. I've had worse acne on my face lol. But my biggest problem is the anxiety and depression. I had just gotten out of a 3 year long relationship when I started seeing someone new and found out I have hsv2. He went and go tested and said his results came back negative and knowing my ex and what I liar he is I could have easily gotten it from him. I scared to tell anyone because i am still in college and i feel people my age are judgemental and cruel. But i am very used to being in a relationship and miss having someone in my life. I guess I'm just looking for some inspiration or friendship. I dont feel like my normal confident self and am very scared of rejection or public shaming. I'd really appreciate some help.

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You are keenly aware of what is going on in your head, and that's a good thing.

It's going to help you overcome.

Fear is a terrible way to make decisions. While it might be a powerful motivator, you'll find that acting based on fear is very destructive.

Make sure you disclose before getting intimate. It's a matter of consent, and we all know how profound that is since the whole #metoo campaign.


You won't feel this way forever. In fact, you won't feel this way for long.

Remind yourself of all of your good qualities often. Keep being you. Because none of that has changed. You are still desireable, capable, and good. I know it because you told the guy you were sleeping with about your diagnosis and made sure he got tested. That's actually a big deal.


For now, be more concerned with earning back your self-respect, rather than pondering who would want to sleep with you now. Because if you don't feel like you deserve respect, compassion, passion and love, then you probably don't feel those things for yourself right now. You need to feel those things for yourself so that you can break down these mental barriers you've developed from your diagnosis.

And they are just mental barriers. Nothing is physically stopping you from being the really great person you are.

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Hello.... I know how you feel... tested positive for HSV2 .. and also am going thru depression and severe anxiety... feel disgusting with myself and my past actions... got diagnosed 5 days ago..


I find it comforting to talk to my best friend (ex wife) ... what happened to us is traumatic.. for sure PTSD will follow... I'm reading many story's online how people went on to get married.. have children and manage outbreaks with good diet and excersize... I started taking a Multivitamin and 1000 mc vitamin C , and Super Lysine immune support from vitamin shoppe 12 bucks.. Google seems to be a great tool... I purchased Pinon Salve with coconut and vitamin E and that helped alot... I take melatonin Gummie bears to help relax the body...


Hope this message finds you well

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Sometimes I feel like I'm less deserving of having a good relationship now, like compared to other girls I'm the 2nd option. I hope as time passes I can relax and focus on that fact this is just a skin condition and should be treated as one. I take echinacea and lysine daily to prevent breakouts. I think I want to start suppressive therapy and I hope my doctor will support it. I've only had 2 outbreaks that really weren't bad at all but it's the stigma not the condition that bothers me. I really wish there was a way to change peoples perspectives. This site is great just by letting me know that there are other great amazing people feeling the same way as me.

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