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  1. That's exactly how I feel. On top of the daily suppressant and the condom I take lysine and echinacea to also help prevent an outbreak. People with hsv1 dont disclose and we shouldnt have to either.
  2. After hearing about a few people on my campus that have hsv2 but dont disclosure or even use protection I've decided I'm going to protect myself and my reputation. I'm in no rush to jump in bed with someone but if I decide to I'm not going to disclosure. I'm only the dail suppressant and will always use a condom. If the relationship ever gets to the point where we want to stop using a condom I will have the talk with him. I've ways put others first but in this situation I need to protect myself. Its only a skin condition and it's totally manageable. If someone were to contract it from me they can grow up and learn to control it the way I have. I dont take this situation lightly, I never want to hurt someone else but I'm going to put my feelings and reputation first.
  3. Hi I'm 22 and was diagnosed about 3 months ago with hsv2. I've been struggling with be same type of dilemma except I haven't put myself out there to make a mistake yet. I say dont tell him tho. Herpes is not as big of a deal as people act like it is. The chance of him getting is was 4% which is not large at all. I agree that people have the right to know but I also believe in self preservation. You need to take care of yourself now in the fragile time. You're allowed to make a mistake.
  4. I think it's awesome that we're all here to talk and comfort eachother. I'm sure we're all going to be fine and eventually find someone who understands this is a simple skin condition that can be managed. Let me know if any of you ever need to talk again
  5. I think the hardest part is getting people to understand how it makes us feel and how damaging it is to what we think of ourselves. I know how you feel and in still dealing with that aspect but it gets better every day. Talking to you makes me feel better to so if you ever want to reach out and have a private convo feel free
  6. Hey girl, I'm 22 and was diagnosed 3 months ago. I am also still in college and am worried about disclosing to anyone because of how college students talk. Finding out rocked my world but I've realized all sex has a risk. We got off easy by only getting hsv2. Fortunately, the guy I was with at the time understood and said it didnt change anything. Unfortunately, I had to travel and because of that haven't seen him and our relationship didnt workout. But overall I think we have the whole world ahead of us and as long as we're patient we'll know when it's time to disclose. As to your ex, if you're still having doubts I would step away from the relationship. If you two are ment to be together things will workout later. As for now focus on school and having the best time with your friends. College only last for a short time compared to the rest of our adult lives! Stay strong, I know it makes us feel like less at first but it does open our eyes to how important it is to be compassionate and understanding. Hsv2 is most widely spread on college campuses. We aren't the only ones and I think in a few years alot more people will realize its NOT A BIG DEAL it's a skin condition. Everyone has something they are embarrassed by or feel uncomfortable about. Atleast we can manage ours! Xoxo
  7. Hey ladies, I'm 22 and I just got diagnosed around 3 months ago. I had gotten out of a 3 year long relationship when I decided to embrace being single and shortly after found out my diagnoses.. I had slept with 2 other people that I trusted and I'm hoping whoever passed hsv2 to me didnt know. I also have been depressed and feel like life can never be the same. Fortunately the guy I have feeling for was very understanding when I told him and said it wasnt a big deal and didn't change how he felt about me. Unfortunately him and i have parted ways because of professional reasons. That experience showed me that it doesnt matter how many people accept my diagnoises if I dont accept it first. It's just as big of an inconvenience as getting your period! Which us women have always been strong enough to handle. I'm hopeful that some day I'll end someone just as reasonable and understanding as the guy I first disclosed to. I know it can be scary but the future has always been uncertain, this is just a curve ball we didn't see coming. Fortunately there are great people out there that will listen and take time to understand what herpes really is and learn that's just another medical condition. There are ways for you to keep your partner safe and hopefully there will soon a vaccine! Stay positive and know you're amazing just as you are. If you accept this and understand what it really is then you can take back control of your life. Overall this is a small mountain that if you let it will only make you value yourself more. Xoxo
  8. I think he sounds like a selfish jerk. You deserve a man that supports you when you're have a hard time. I found out about my diagnoses 2 and a half months ago and I've been struggling with my self confidence but when it comes down to it hsv1 or 2 is just a skin condition. Plenty of people have skin conditions that are passed by contact. This one shouldn't be treated any differently. A smart logical man will understand that. I hope you the best and want you to know catching this skin condition doesn't change you or your worth. The more you talk about it the more comfortable you'll feel about it. Please let me know if you ever need someone to talk to.
  9. Sometimes I feel like I'm less deserving of having a good relationship now, like compared to other girls I'm the 2nd option. I hope as time passes I can relax and focus on that fact this is just a skin condition and should be treated as one. I take echinacea and lysine daily to prevent breakouts. I think I want to start suppressive therapy and I hope my doctor will support it. I've only had 2 outbreaks that really weren't bad at all but it's the stigma not the condition that bothers me. I really wish there was a way to change peoples perspectives. This site is great just by letting me know that there are other great amazing people feeling the same way as me.
  10. Thank you. It's nice to talk to someone else that is in the same situation as me. I just hope others who are not as educated about hsv are as kind and considerate.
  11. Hi everyone! I'm a 22 year old female still in college. I found out I had hsv2 genitally after my first outbreak. The doctor said it looked nothing like herpes but the tests came back positive. It wasnt an awful out break and I can definitely handle it. I've had worse acne on my face lol. But my biggest problem is the anxiety and depression. I had just gotten out of a 3 year long relationship when I started seeing someone new and found out I have hsv2. He went and go tested and said his results came back negative and knowing my ex and what I liar he is I could have easily gotten it from him. I scared to tell anyone because i am still in college and i feel people my age are judgemental and cruel. But i am very used to being in a relationship and miss having someone in my life. I guess I'm just looking for some inspiration or friendship. I dont feel like my normal confident self and am very scared of rejection or public shaming. I'd really appreciate some help.
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