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Got a physical diagnoses and lab test are on their way

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I’m a 24 year old law student who was on a long term relationship for 7 years. In January of this year we broke up and I fell into a very deep depression since I thought I had lost the love of my life. After hard work I was finally feeling better. I has some flings here and there, always protected. In June I got the usual check up done, I was clear on all forms of STDs. A month later, I met a boy. We are getting along amazingly! We jumped into things quite quickly and a week into seeing each other  was our first sexual encounter, which wasn’t really sex since he couldn’t perform. We tried wearing a condom but it wouldn’t stay put since he wasn’t hard ... he also gave me oral. He’s 30 years old and says he’s only been with one girl his whole life. 6 days after this encounter I start having pain in my perineal area. It felt like I had cuts and every time I peed it burnt. I went to the doctor and got diagnosed with a UTI. I was relieved that that’s all it was and went home with my antibiotics. Two days later my vagina was destroyed. The “cuts” became bigger and yellow liquid formed over them... then little tiny blisters started showing up on my butt cheeks. I went to the doctor again and she said it was definitely herpes but that she’d make a swab test to know which kind. We are now Saturday, day 3 of treatment and i am unable to walk, pee, sit, cough, poop, do anything without crying out for help. More blisters have showed up on my butt cheeks and I feel like I’m gonna pass out from the pain. Now ... who gave this to me? 

The new guy I’m seeing says he’s only been with one person ... he’s either lying or I got it from someone else and my lab results were a false negative. If I did get it from someone else, how come he didn’t get infected? So far he seems to feel great ... ( I haven’t mentioned any of this yet because I want the lab confirmation to ger my story  straight) it’s been 15 days since we had sex and I am so scared to tell him. I was finally happy and .. this happens. It has taken me all my courage and strength to finish my first year of law school after such a horrible break up and now this. 

What’s worrying me even more is that the symptoms are getting worse by the day even if I’m on my valtrex treatment. 

I am scared and in so much pain! I need some help 😞 


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I have been recently diagnosed as well, but I have been lucky that the symptoms haven’t been that bad so far.  I think the social stigma is worst.  I’m not sure how to handle dating yet.  

The good news is that the first out break is typically the worst, so things are about as bad physically as they can get now, but ultimately will get better.  Also with safe sex and suppressive therapy, transmission rates are relatively low. 

Your new man may have it but not know.  There are many with asystematic shedding, so they can still transmit the virus to you without symptoms.  It may be a relief for you if you talk to him about it.

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