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Twitching, tingling and sensations in the legs can be caused by Herpes

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Hi. What I can add is that I have nerve pain for the last 2.5 year. Positive IGM and positive LTT for hsv1. Negative IGG and western blot. Nerve pain started from my genitals and then spread over my body, everything started 2 days after unprotected sex with girl who had hsv1. 
after 2 years, multiple doctors visits, tests, flipping between pregablin, amitryptylin, drips of lidocaine I found out that my total IGG is below normal range as well subclass IGG1 is below normal so how could I produce HSV IGG? 2 months ago I started immunoglobulins therapy (thanks god I’m my country is free) and what can I tell is that I got my life back. Still I am not 100% normal but progress is huge. I am now on 1 valcyclovir and lamitrin and they have plan to start reducing it in 3 months.  I will do hsv IGG test for my own in couple months. I don’t want to make theory but in my case it came up that I have immunodeficiency and my immunosystem is not fighting. Maybe it will be helpful for anybody. I don’t wish anybody even my worse enemy this level of pain. 

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On 8/27/2018 at 10:43 AM, Ms. Congeniality said:

I got diagnosed about a month ago, I had an outbreak. And a couple days after the sores showed up I began having a tingling feeling on my upper thigh/buttocks area. I thought maybe it was my pants rubbing me wrong. It slowly started to go down my left leg and it was more miserable than the sores themselves were. There was tingling, twitching, muscle aches, and burning pins and needles. The only thing that could relieve the pain was massage or baths. I talked to my Dr. and she said nerve pain and herpes were related. I had never had any issues like that before I was diagnosed. Once I got started on acyclovir, it slowly faded.

Same symptoms here. First time a suspected prodrome has been this bad (with muscle aches and twitches). 

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Thanks for the kind words. No sores yet. I started high dose acyclovir as soon as this all started. Symptoms *may* have subsided somewhat today (it’s hard to know how much my anxiety is playing a role in my perception of things). Haven’t seen a doc yet. If it doesn’t get better in the coming weeks, I’ll probably have to … to rule out something else as the cause. I’m a doctor myself, and acknowledge that often doctors aren’t the best dealing with atypical presentations like this… so I’m gonna give this a little time and see if it’s self-limiting. 

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@SCDOC Hello,

Wow! That's so cool that you are a doctor! Yes, anxiety can definitely play a role in symptom manifestation and persistence, especially since stress can be a trigger for outbreaks in the first place. It is very true that many doctors often automatically disregard atypical herpes symptoms as being herpes, which can be super frustrating. Seeing a  virologist, neurologist, or sexual health specialist may help with this, as they would be less likely to reject the notion that HSV would be causing these sudden and severe symptoms. 

Sending healing blessings your way!

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@Stupida what ever happened to the girl that had spontaneous hearing loss? Has she recovered? Have they identified which virus caused it?

Ive been having muscle twitches for almost two years and now my ears are starting to hurt, at first acyclovir helped with alleviating the ear ache which was leading to hearing loss but i since stopped taking it and now the ear ache came back and acyclovir is not working anymore. 

Everything started after a random sexual encounter and now im more scared of passing it to anyone else than anything.

The back story is that after a sexual encounter at a party I noticed a tingling at the tip of my penis which persisted for a few days so i decided to get tested. All std tests came back negative. Then the sensation grew stronger with pins and needles piercing down to my scrotum, which then spread to my butt, legs and then all over the body. It was more jarring than painful but the jolts were super strong. Fast forward almost two years later, i still have muscle twitches which mostly reside in my legs but the other day they were so strong and in my upper chest area that i thought i might be having a heart attack and ended up going to er. No heart attack, no resolutions. The only thing that seems to be helping a bit is AHCC. No break outs, nothing else to go on. Like i said, the guilt would kill me if i pass this on so i havent been with anyone since then. The frustration is real. 

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