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Muscle spasms related to hsv2

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Has anyone had muscle spasms related to their hsv2?  I feel like it means I’m shedding? It’s almost my second month in and my entire body spasms. It started with my butt hole and calf, now I can’t stop twitching everywhere. The doctor started me on magnesium and vitamin D. I have been tested for every type of deficiency and she said everything except vitamin D came back great. Sugar level was good, potassium was good, I’m well hydrated, and have been working on getting better rest. The next step is the neurologists office. My referral was sent three times this week and was never received so I’m super frustrated. I’m super irritable due to feeling like I’m constantly being tapped. I have a four year old, am a full time student, and work 50 hours a week. My life’s going to continue being crazy and I’m going to shed forever....

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Hey @Ohhey143! The first 6 months to a year, your body is getting used to the new virus in your system and building antibodies to help cope. The herpes virus travels via the nerve pathways from the ganglia to the surface of the skin; so some spasms do happen for folks and it can mean that the virus is on its way to the surface of the skin, but it's not a definite (spasms are a known prodrome symptom). They do tend to lessen as your body gets a better handle on the virus. Also, to get a widespread range of experiences, do search this forum for past posts on spasms like so: https://forums.herpesopportunity.com/search/?q=spasm

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I did take a look and Didn’t have much luck. I don’t have them just in my calf or butt either, they’re everywhere 24/7. I’m so frustrated. It’s like getting tapped all day. It could be my ankle, toe, butt cheek, shoulder, hip, eye lid, calf all within the same couple minutes. The doctors I have spoken with know very little about the virus and deny that this is part of it. I appreciate how quickly you responded. At least I now know it’s a prodrome symptom. This is the first I’m hearing of this. Is this a time where I’m most contagious?

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It's hard to say since spasms and twitching aren't a guaranteed prodrome symptom all the time, only some of the time. (I know it's hard to hear such vague information.) I apologize if you've already mentioned this in another thread, but have you had outbreaks in a specific spot? If so, you might get your doctor to swab that area when you're going through your spasms to see if there's enough virus on the swab to come up positive. But even that won't give you a definitive answer. The best advice I can give is to be patient with this as it does tend to get better with time. 

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I’m just thinking that if my spasms are this bad maybe I stressed myself out so much through this experience that I caused some sort of stress related neurological issue to occur.

Either way my doctor wanted me to see a neurologist so I guess I’ll find out soon... The waiting game is the frustrating part. Any type of specialist takes forever to get into.

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