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Recent diagnosis and coming clean with my partner

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Hi all,

Guess this is how it starts.  I was diagnosed a month or so ago with HSV-2.  I have so many questions and everything has a different answer.  I'm trying to keep my facts in order here peeps!!  

How about I start with my WTF is that on my vagina moment... 3-6 days after sleeping with my current partner, I developed the itching and the soreness.  I had a change of brith control, and it had some similar side effects and I was schedule to see my Obgyn soon anyhow. Couple days later the lessons started, and woke me from a dead sleep.  Went to the OB, got checked... Visual diagnosis of herpes.  Then... She swabbed me... Man alive that girl is lucky she told me not to kick her ahead of time because that is exactly what I would have done... Holy freaking monkeys Batman!!!  

We talked about the possibilities of it being HSV-1 And that I could have had that for years.  We also talked about how tired I had been and how foggy my head had been.  Not full blown flu but exhausted, and mush brain, and sore all over... Be cause of this she said it was likely a recent exposure because if you have the virus your body adjusts to it, and makes antibodies, even without and outbreak. But with a first exposure and a first out break your body is having to fight a new enemy. So it has to work a lot harder.  Is there any truth to this...???

Because... I asked my partner if he had ever been exposed (talk about a hard subject to breech)or had an outbreak and he said he hadn't.  He ended up talking to his own Dr who told him that I could have had it for years and never had signs or symptoms.  Which, not to say he isnt telling the truth, but what is more likely true... Both!?

Just feeling a bit lost and may have lost my partner.  I left the ball in his court... But seeing as stress, depression, and chocolate cause outbreaks... I guess I'm just thankful to still be healing.  

One day at a time...

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@Halfdyme Ohh dear... I'm sorry you are going through this. I have a very similar experience. I talked to the doctor and got tested...I am still negative because my body does not have antibodies against the virus. I am positive this last partner gave it to me and the worst part is that he knew, after my first ob he gave me some information that clearly screams H. He just decided to live in denial about it. I actually wonder if statistics about the ratio women/men with H might be a bit skewed because I've heard of so many men who decide to go about their lives as if H  was not even a thing...somehow denial for them is an option and that puts so many of us at risk.

Now... if this guy walks out that is his loss. By reading your story I can see you've been strong, honest and that you haven't allowed the emotional or physical to ruin your sense of humor. That's the right attitude! Know that a lot of us are on the same boat and that we are here if you need to talk! xx


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@Halfdyme @JulyP I’m in the same boat! I have read how some people stay dormant for years before outbreaks, but I don’t believe it one bit. I strongly believe you get sick and have symptoms and you contracted the virus from the last person you had sex with.

How can we go from eating certain types of foods, etc to not having them anymore because they cause outbreaks. Sorry but I think dormant is a bunch of BS. Yes, it can go dormant from your original outbreak, but how can people not feel their primary outbreak? It’s a nightmare!!!

Blood tests are not accurate! Still waiting on my positive blood test 1.5 years later. 


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