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When will I feel like myself again?

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Ive recently been coming to terms with my GHSV1 and Im realising that its not a huge deal or deal breaker and I've slowly been getting my confidence back. One problem is I still feel like my vagina is off. Its been about 5 weeks since my initial break out and my vagina still doesn't feel 100%. It only happens at some points in the day but I still feel a slight burning sensation around my vulva and the idea of penetration during these period sounds awful. I'm on anti virals but I'm still paranoid about getting another outbreak so I feel like some of my discomfort might be psychological. Sometimes I'm fine and I feel no discomfort but this slight burning still seems to be happening almost daily and I cant figure out why. Everything looks fine down there! Ive had sex twice since my breakout successfully which required lots of lube and foreplay but I honestly am so fed up with all this I just want to enjoy sex like I did before without being terrified of if there will or won't be pain! I also feel like I cant take penetration for as long as I did before. Has anyone experienced this?? Its been difficult for me to find people with a similar experience with discomfort following their outbreak and I feel sort of broken. I just want my confience back sexualy since I just moved to a new city and am meeting new people I want to perform as well as I did before all this without this anxiety! HELP

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Hi chichi, sorry to hear about what you're going through. After five weeks it's unlikely that you're still experiencing symptoms, but an initial outbreak can take up to 6 weeks to fully heal. It is true that the psychosomatic factor can come into play and suddenly every itch or twinge you feel is a potential outbreak. As to when that subsides, there's no easy answer because different people handle these types of things so differently and because HSV effects different people so differently. It's worth pointing out that most people experience their most severe symptoms during the initial outbreak and have subsequent outbreaks the most frequently in the first year after the initial one.

Frankly it sounds like you're doing a great job of coming to terms with your diagnosis, but don't put too much pressure on yourself to be completely fine with it so quickly. A lot of people go through stages where they feel unlovable and so forth and it sounds like you moved right through that pretty quickly, which is great because that's all bullshit. But that doesn't mean you aren't going to have some residual holds ups for a little while and that's okay. I mean, it's been five weeks! Some people take years to make the progress you already have. 

One thing that you can get caught up in is constantly paying attention to how your genitals are feeling, and if you focus on one part of the body incessantly, you're going to feel everything that happens. Try asking yourself how much attention you'd pay to that feeling if you didn't know you were HSV positive.

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