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Is suppression not working all of a sudden?

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Been on suppression since January this year (HSV2+ since 2013....not sure when I actually got it, that’s just when I had a very noticeable outbreak and went to the doctor), never miss a pill, take it like clockwork. Past 4-5 days, felt burning in the top of my thighs near my groin (like where the leg connects to the body). Not painful burning, just a sensation I notice there. My skin is sensitive to shaving and I shave every other day, sometimes everyday. I’d like to think it’s just from that and/or lotion I am using (the kind that makes you look tan when you’re really not haha), but I have to wonder if it’s shedding/prodrome and the acyclovir isn’t working right now? Since I started taking it, I’ve never had a single symptom. And even when this started several days ago, I’ve not had any sign of an actual outbreak. I have random itches, but they last like half a second and really don’t bother me. And like I said, I shave a lot and am female, and we just naturally have itches sometimes. 


Mostly questioning this feeling because of risk of transmission to my partner. We don’t use condoms. We had sex over 72 hours ago and again about 48 hours ago. I didn’t have these feelings just before, during, or just after sex. I couldn’t be shedding this much or for this long while on suppression could I? And if it was actual prodrome, an outbreak would’ve popped up by now, right? 


Hoping it’s normal skin irritation from shaving + me overthinking and in my own head....

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As a hypochondriac, I sympathize with the issue of reading every twitch and twinge as herpes (or, for me, sometimes cancer). if you are experiencing genuine herpes symptoms, it is more likely due to stress or a lack of sleep than your antivirals suddenly not working. More likely, however, you're just freaking out. In that case, take a break from sex for a few days, relax, and see what happens. 

P.S. Guys get itchy too. Like, real itchy. 

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Haha true, guys get itchy. I am a hypochondriac also, more so now because I don’t want to infect my partner. So every time we have sex, I freak out in my own mind for days afterward. This feeling I’ve had the last few days has made me worry the most just because it hasn’t been a quick sensation. 

I feel like my antivirals have always worked as they should, and now this one time that I feel funny for more than a few seconds or minutes, I’m scared to death. My partner and I have been together for 9 months almost and he’s never shown any symptoms of being infected from me. While reading the success stories of many discordant couples, I have a hard time believing I could ever be that lucky 😞

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