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2nd outbreak

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So I was feeling like I was almost fully healed and feeling close to being back to myself after my initial outbreak. Was super itchy all weekend and then went to my PA yesterday to get checked out, she didn’t see anything and thought lesions looked to be healing or almost fully healed, and today it continued, now more painful. I am now sure it’s another outbreak... I have at least two lesions on my labia. 


I was trying to be super positive about everything but it makes me wonder if I will ever get back to my normal self. It’s been a month since my boyfriend and I have been able to have sex and I know that he understands and doesn’t blame me but it is still hard because we had a super healthy sex life prior to my first outbreak. 

Work has also been super stressful which I’m sure doesn’t help the situation but there is only so much I can do to reduce stress is that aspect of my life. My normal stress reduction methods are also not always an option depending on how I’m feeling. I was doing Crossfit three times a week and yoga at least twice a week mixed in with walking/hiking outside.


just feeling really down and like I don’t have control over my body. 


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I took acyclovir for 10 days with the first outbreak, did silver hydrosol Iv treatments to boost my immune system, I’m on a multi vitamin that has zinc and C in it, fish oil, lyseine 4x/ day with 1000 mg, 15,000 mcg of b12, just bought astralagus and lemon balm to add. I also take some other herbal supplements to help with a gut imbalance issue. My PA said that since I had this one so soon after the first we may have to look at suppressive therapy long term. But not currently take acyclovir. 


Thank you! 

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@Elle27  Looks like you are covering bases!  L-Lysine has been my go to, usually 1000mg daily, and upped to about 4000mg when I know I am under stress or likely time for an outbreak(cold weather can be a trigger for me, Dec. through Feb. being high risk for some reason).  If the acyclovir isn't helping, by all means talk to the doc about valtrex, perhaps a slightly different med will help, as well as considering either for suppressants.  You will get back to feeling normal...and it will be a new, healthier, more understanding and more knowing normal.  Not how you expected nor wanted this future, but I promise it is full of opportunities! 

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Morning Elle,

Please don't get discouraged. More people than you know have it. I've had it for 10 years. At first, I felt like you, in the beginning. I stayed with the partner, who gave it to me, because I thought no one else would want me. But, as days grew into weeks and months, I got so ANGRY with him, that I dumped him. I never looked back. I found dating Herpes sights to avoid having "The Big Talk". The sights were cool. I met some nice men. However, I didn't want to limit my opportunities of meeting the "Right Man". So, I got to the point where I started dating with no sex, so that I could see the character of the person. Within 2 weeks, I would tell them. Granted, I got dumped a lot. Actually, the last person to dumped me, hurt me so bad, that I went into a deep depression, and wound up telling my parents that I might not ever be married again. My parents were SO COOL. They both told me that if they could talk the virus from me, they would gladly trade places, and that they love me and think no less of me. God is good!

However, I also have cousins (married), whom also have it. They told me that "Love" is unconditional. And, the men who dumped me wouldn't have worked anyway. Then, I met my husband, 8 years ago. He is a minister. I really like him. I told him on the first date, over drinks. To my surprise, he told me that his mother had it, and that she was an amazing woman. So, if she could have it, he was not oppose to falling in love with someone who had it also. Long story short, we have been married 7 years.

Now on to the outbreak nightmare. I get outbreaks about twice a year - when I'm lucky. Mine are definitely caused by stress. My oldest son, 31 years old, just had his 2nd heart transplant. Thankfully, he is doing well. But, as you can see, I deal with a high level of stress. However, the outbreaks do not have to be LONG and PAINFUL. Did you know there are anti-viral meds that get rid of it faster than Valtrex or some of the meds, like Lysine? My last outbreak lasted from August 2018 to September of last week! So, my husband and I couldn't have sex during that time frame- like at all! I had sores all over my vaginal area. My lymph nodes, on both sides of my groin, were so swollen, I could hardly walk. And, I had off and on chills and fever. It felt like I had a never-ending flu episode.

Then, I got so desperate that I was willing to try anything. I found something that worked in 3 days! The sores closed in 24 hours. The lymph node swelling reduced the second day and I could walk again, without looking like I just got off a horse. And, by the 3rd day, I no longer had any signs. I'm not sure if I will get booted off the site for sharing the product I used, because it is not legal in all states, and I'm not trying to sell you anything. But, what I used worked. I threw out the Valtrex bottles. It always took at least 7 days for my outbreaks to clear up. And, I think my body developed an immunity to them. Not to mention, Big Pharma has made enough money off of me anyway. Inbox me if you want to try something beside what you are using now. If I can give you a ray of hope with my story, it was worth it.



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