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just one of them days :(

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today I thought about killing myself. today I stayed in bed and cried all day. the though of having this makes me sad. :(. im very paranoid. I'm going to give  it to the kids that be here. I would really go crazy if I give it any child. I hate myself. I find myself throwing cups and silverware away. bc I'm scared I'll pass this on to some one. I isolate mys elf from around others. I really hate myself. I have nobody to vent to. how can I have hsv1 when I have rash in my pubic hair area.  and it been there for almost two months. this has to be somethin else. deep down I know something else is wrong but I'm afraid to go to the Dr 

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Loyalloulou I can see you're suffering terribly and my heart goes out to you.

Your stress level is through the roof right now. Please understand when that happens your body creates a stew of chemicals that your brain marinates in, and therefore your thoughts become disordered, unreasonable, and even dangerous. And this is what's happening to you right now.

Your kids cannot get herpes from cups and silverware that you've used, and they can't get it from the toilet seat either.

About 20% of the population carries the herpes virus. Look around you, at the people you see on the street and TV. Those 20% are still going to work, still having fun with their kids, still laughing with friends, and even still in loving relationships. You are one of the 20%, so am I. I have a normal happy life, and so will you.

No need to be afraid of the doctor, he or she is your ally. Get a correct diagnosis and learn how you can take care of yourself and feel well again.

Chin up 🙂



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Step 1.) make a doctor's appointment then keep it.

Step 2.) spend time reading all you can about herpes (this site is great)

Step 3.) live your life. Call a friend to have coffee with. Do something fun with your kids. Buy some flowers.

Left root right foot, keep moving forward and know in the end it'll be okay 🙂


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