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I was sitting in my doctors office today getting a flu shot and waiting for my antiviral to be filled for the first time. For the first time, I felt like I have come to a place with having this virus where I’m accepting it and feeling somewhat okay with it. The past couple of weeks since my diagnosis were surreal. I have been overwhelmed with emotions of fear, anger, blame, shame, and guilt. I was depressed and sad. I was disappointed in myself for just doing something natural and human having sex. I have been starting to look up and around in crowds of people at work and I see cold sores on their lips and to my surprise, there are many people I know who have this. I wonder if they realize that they have it. It really is out there more than I ever knew. Before I found out that I have it, I would of never of thought anything of it. I feel like I’m ready to turn it over and just let the bad emotions that I have been feeling be released as much as possible. We have it. We have to learn to accept it for what it and and get back to who we truly are. We aren’t this virus. We were simply exposed to it and now are carrying it, just like 20% of the population from aged 14-49. I can somewhat feel grateful that it’s nothing more. If we are all waking around with something, and this is my something, I should probably be counting my blessings. There are way worse things we can have. It’s not easy to accept at first, but somehow I’m getting there. I hope my story helps someone else out there reading this. This forum has truly been the only thing getting me through. Hugs everyone. We are all going to be alright. Turn it over and let it go. There is a freedom in acceptance. 

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Bravo! So glad your feeling better within yourself 🙂

Yep, accepting & adapting is all we have to do, its really not that bad & as you said there are much worse things that people have to live/deal with in their life's.

The benefits of so many personnel stories on here is immense as people can always relate to them with there own situation
& coming on here does help, it gives a place to get advice & ask questions or give support (well done Arial)

Herpes doesn't stop me from smiling each day & it certainly ain't gonna stop me enjoying life to the full

Its onwards & upwards to all , Hugs!

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