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How did you find out you have H??

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I just found out I have H2 about 2 weeks ago. I found out by way of asking my midwife for a full-panel STI testing because I had finally met someone that I felt had potential for intimacy. I insisted we both get tested before we became intimate, and since I had to go in for my annual exam anyway, I had the bloodwork done while I was there.

I have not had sex (or had any type of relationship) in 10 years, so to find out I had it now, after so long with no sex was a HUGE blow to me...especially since I had been tested at least 5 times (for other reasons) in the past 10 years, and never was told I had it (it was apparently not part of the testing any of those times). Thinking back, I can now see times when I probably was having an OB, but had no idea what it was because it always coincided with shaving, so I assumed it was ingrown hairs or irritation from shaving. 😕 

However, to save my life, I cannot recall any time when I had that dreaded "1st outbreak" that was supposed to be worse than all the others. So, even though I was with my (now-ex) husband for 9 years before I left him, plus 10 years since him, I honestly have NO idea if I got it from him, but I suspect I did because I can't remember any 'ingrown hair' issues before meeting him.

I also cannot recall the last time I had any outbreak, now that I know that's what they were. It's been at least 3 years.

Oh, and you didn't ask, but the guy that I was thinking had all that potential? He hit the brakes, backed up, and now wants to be friends, he says. And as far as I know, he is not going to go get tested because he's convinced that he doesn't have it...yeah, that's what I thought too. Good thing for him that I insisted on testing before sex...he was ready to sleep with me with no testing and no condom...neither of which were going to happen with me.

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