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This Is My Story.

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Hello my name is brandy and im 16 years old,

never thought id be on-line today doing this.

I just recently got diagnosed, the guy that had gave this to me did not warn me that he had it.

my best friend knows about it and thinks i should sue him.

But what for ? its not just his fault i should have used my head to be safe about it.

and to be honest ... i don't know were it came from.


but i hadn't had sex in about a month when i had got diagnosed so it could have been from a while back and i never knew..

& i pray that it hasn't been passed to anyone.

Anyway, Ive learned alot from this past month since i got diagnosed ,

And if there was one thing i wish i could do ....

It would be to go back in time and id never have sex till marriage.

But hey , im not the only one out there.

i cant help but feel horrible and embarrassed and alone since ive been told i had it.

witch is why i joined this site , hoping to meet new people , connect with others and share some support..

My family is surprisingly supportive, i feel like ive let them down though.

i just hope everything will eventually get better.

emotionally wise,

i wish i could say physically too but i dont think theres ever going to be a 100% cure ...

<3 Just have to stay strong

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Welcome! You are so young. You sound very brave and strong. I think I got H when I was 19. Stick around here and you will get plenty of support. I'm glad your family is being supportive. You'll find out that you can go about your life as normal with a few bumps in the road. That's what life is all about anyway. Don't be hard on yourself. Love yourself. You are only human.

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Oh regret. I'm sorry your feeling this way my love but you didn't let anyone down. It's natural and healthy to have sex and you did nothing wrong. I'm 19 and found out recently, it's a huge growing experience for anyone but especially being so young. while my heart hurts for you i can see that You already sound brave and I'm so proud of you for researching and reaching out to others for more support. Remember this virus doesn't define you and stay knowledgeable on it to keep yourself healthy and prevent transmission to others! Xoxoxo

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