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May be a strange question...

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I am currently in litigation with my ex. He signed the original decree stating that he would be responsible for "lifetime" treatment and all medical costs related to H (because he failed to disclose for over two+ years, married one, and it was too late then). Well, he has refused to even pay for a single prescription. The attorney asked me to put a dollar value on cashing out the medical. Does anyone have an idea? I mean, I started to offer low, but I have a lot of complications related to H, not just the normal OB. I want to be fair...as well as realistic. I don't feel there is any amount that makes it ok, but I never, ever want to have to ask him for anything again. I just want this to end. Thank you for any suggestions...

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I don't have any good advice, but didn't want to read and not respond at all.

My ex also gave me H without disclosing, and I just found out now (10 years after I stopped having sex with him, 9 years after I left him). I can't imagine that he would ever pay up on anything anyway. I can't even get him to pay his % of medical care for our kid, so I really have no advice. Since he has not given you anything at all yet, I would imagine that even having a judgment, he probably still won't pay anything, and then what? I suppose you could put a lien against his house, if he has one, but the realistic part of me says that even if you get a dollar value assigned, getting him to pay up may still be a fruitless effort.

If the deal was supposed to be that he pay for lifetime treatment, I would calculate the cost of continuous suppressant meds without insurance (because what if you lose your coverage in the future), and add in any other expenses that you have incurred in the past since being diagnosed and multiply it out as if that will be a regular expense and go from there.

Since you didn't have anything in there for any pain and suffering/loss of enjoyment of life, you can't ask for anything above and beyond what you anticipate actual medical costs to be. That's the best I can do for you. I hope it helps.

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