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A whole mess of h

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hey there. I’m feeling a little vulnerable sharing my story again; I’m fearful  people on here will judge me or say of her again. Alas I am spilling my guts out anyway in hopes that since we share the same awful virus, you can relate. 

Long story short...I contracted ghsv1 about five months ago. I’m so bummed st how my sex life will change but that’s a whole other topic. I met a guy a month or so ago and he told me right away he has hsv2. I like him and decided I wanted to be intimate with despite the feat of contracting hsv2. We’re using  condoms and he’s taking daily antiviraks. I think I caught hsv2 on my mouth now tho as I go down on him without a rubber. Guess I have to go get checked but I have no health insurance. I have read it’s rare to get 2 in your mouth but I’m pretty sure urbywothat need. I walked into eyes ride open but now I really feel like a leper. Anyone have 2 in their mouth?  Ugh h is such a bummer. So bummed I have it.

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I would say go get it checked, it could just be a canker Sore! 

Also I almost feel as if it’s better to get it orally now than genitally because you would have protection from getting it genitally and would be less likely to pass it (that is, IF you test positive)

i also wanted to give you major props for going for this guy because I feel as though some with GHSV1 feel “blessed” to have the “better one” and fear getting the other. Like you, I have decided that if someone ever discloses to me that they have GHSV2 while I have GHSV1, I will be accepting and hope they are accepting of me 🙂

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Thanks for all your responses, guys.  I appreciate it. I admit. ..I for some reason felt relieved I have ghsv1 as opposed to 2 but at the end of the day, it really is all the same thing, though from what I’ve read, ghsv1 sufferers have less chances of frequent outbreaks.  I prob won’t be with the guy I’m  dating now forever so I fear disclosing to someone. I doubt a guy is going to analyze between ghsv1 and 2....if it’s on my girl parts, that’s that. 

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I'm from the uk so they say its just hsv1 for cold sores and from waist down it is hsv2 as its a sore on the genitals. When I asked the lady at the clinic as they don't test for herpes unless you have an active swab to be swabbed for a diagnosis she said that I don't have to tell someone and there is no law on telling someone if you have herpes as a lot of people don't know they have it anyway seen as they don't test for it and because I am doing everything I can by taking daily meds and if I was to have sex in the future then use condoms till I feel comfortable enough in a relationship to then stop using then it is my choice if I want to let them know. 

Because I am sooo petrified of catching something else that you can get through having sex with a condom I will most likely get them to come do a full std test before being intimate anyway as I don't want to risk myself getting another one.

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