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Anyone had a blood test in the UK?

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I live in the UK and the only way they test for herpes is through a swab test. I had small white headed dots appear on and around my penis after sex recently which I also had several months ago but at the time it was diagnosed as molluscum. These seemed different though since they came and went within a week which meant by the time I got an appointment they were gone. I did however also have a genital wart so this was diagnosed and frozen at the appointment. They could not comment on the other symptoms because they were almost gone. The next day one of the red spots (just above my hip) turned into a boil which filled with puss, I think the elastic from my belt agitated it. I went to the doctors and told them I was worried it is herpes but the nurse confidently said it wasn't and prescribed me antibiotics.

Everything is healing now and soon I'll be back to normal (minus the HPV). The question is whether I should still find out whether I have herpes by paying for a blood test. I'm not sure I can just leave it given all the symptoms I've experienced:

- Back in summer I also had small white headed dots on and around my penis but these were diagnosed as molluscum

- During this time a previous partner from the US was told she might have been exposed to herpes by me through a equivocal blood test but months later it came back negative

- After recent unprotected sex symptoms came up hours later (aware it won't be a new infection but could be an outbreak triggered by the sex)

- My lips often get small red spots or white heads above them

Given this information I feel like I should get tested but I'm not sure how I can get a reliable test here in the UK. There are home test kits but I don't think they give exact iGG levels or tell you if it's oral/genital. But I also found that private clinics use the same method so it doesn't make a difference if I go in or not.

Does anyone know of any reliable ways I can test for herpes in the UK which won't cost me a fortune?


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@newtothis22 Hi I am from the UK. I also suffered from molluscum quite a few years ago and they were stubborn to go but luckily they eventually went and haven't had them since. 

I personally wouldn't bother paying for a blood test as the blood test may not give you an accurate results. I would say unless you had a sore present with symptoms then I wouldn't worry yourself. 

Herpes and molluscum are very different from each other and molluscum isn't painful and are just clear bumps with a dimple in the middle where as herpes is a very small blister or a small area of tiny blisters together that open up,weap and crust over and at times hard to see unless you look under a bright light.

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Thanks for your reply. 

I was diagnosed with mollusum back in summer and I agree they are really stubborn and one had remained until this month. Of course I was also diagnosed with warts but my other symptoms were not explained and it was all triggered through sex. Although they’re small red spots and not blisters I’m still concerned because herpes can have little/no symptoms. 

Can I ask how you were first diagnosed? 


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@newtothis22 if you still have those red spots then probably for peace of mind I would go to a sexual health clinic and see what they say about it as it doesn't quite sound like herpes to me but they may be able to take a swab of them to keep you an accurate result if it ia genital herpes. 

It all began in February of this guy I was due to see on the weekend told me during the week that he didn't feel well and was achey and felt like he had the flu, as the weekend approached I asked him whether we should cancel if he didn't feel well but he promised me he felt better. We had sex which wasn't pleasent,quite painful and swelled up, he wasn't very caring towards me when I told him after I how swollen and uncomfortable I felt so that sent alarm bells for me that he didn't seem the relationship type from his careless reaction. Days after I still didn't feel like I was getting any better and the doctor thought it may be herpes but the lump was diagnosed as a bartholin cyst,I was in extreme pain. When they first thought it was herpes I contacted the guy to say that they think it may be herpes and he told me he still didn't feel well and went doctors for anti biotics as he had a swollen lymph node under his arm and the doctor didn't know why. After they swabbed the lump it came back negative for herpes and confirmed it was a bartholin cyst but then straight after that healed in March I noticed a blister on the side of my vagina that looked more like the herpes blisters and was swabbed positive. I rang the guy to confirm and he wasn't very nice and claimed he didn't have anything wrong with him down below and that was that not to be heard from again. When I read on the signs that guys have of when they have genital herpes symptoms it seemed to sum up exactly what he had been going through. With the way he reacted and treated me it just seemed like he was aware something was up but had no care for me. Since then I had a painful outbreak on the inside in April and then went on suppressive therapy in August. I have had no further outbreaks. I do however have follicilitus an inflamation of the hair follicles that haven't been painful but extremely itchy that I have been prescribed anti biotics for and they are red spots (nothing to do with herpes) and not from sexual contact. Red spots or white spots around your lips may just be black heads or the normal spot breakout. Herpes is a blister so I am sure it isn't oral herpes you have by the sounds of it. I know it makes you paranoid with any itch,lump etc as I was like it but then you realise the difference eventually if it is a herpes breakout. It is easier for me to now know the difference due to having an outbreak compared to anything else.

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The red spots have almost gone so I won’t be able to have them swabbed. I just have a feeling I do have herpes because I can’t think what else it could possibly be and if I don’t have any sort of test it will just eat away at me like it already is.

I’m sorry to hear your story - it sounds like he was very careless. I’ve noticed an absence of men on this website and it makes me wonder whether they choose to ignore their symptoms or even diagnosis. I would love to pretend none of this is happening (the HPV included) but I would feel too guilty putting someone else at risk. 

How are you feeling about everything now? Have you been with anyone else since? I worry about how things will be for me in future with disclosure because I’ve never had trouble getting girls in the past so I’m not used to rejection. If I do end up having two STIs I’m not sure I could even bring myself to disclose and wouldn’t date altogether.

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@newtothis22 Maybe keep an eye on it to see if they come up again and when they do get them swabbed. I agree with what you are saying I feel personally that men (not judging all men) don't seem to take their health very seriously a bit like that guy that passed it to me..he knew he wasn't feeling his usual self and yet lied saying he felt better to then continue not to be. 

I think because I am on acyclivor twice a day suppresive therapy that has helped loads by not having outbreaks so even though there is no cure I am so glad that atleast these meds seem to work so I can try my best to get on with life as normal. 

I dated a guy for 2 months who was my age and told him on the 2nd date and he was the first person since being diagnosed that I disclosed to.I was petrified and apologised but he made me feel so much better by saying that I was just unlucky and accepted it. But unfortunetely due to his work commitments he couldn't put enough time in to make it work. I was devastated as he was the first guy I felt I could see myself with in the future as we just clicked straight away and I haven't felt like that for 5 and a half years of being single since my 9 year relationship with my son's dad ended. In the 5 and a half years I haven't had a great experience with dating which has now left me less trustful towards guys plus where I live its hard to meet someone I find attractive aswell as someone that can make me laugh and share similar interests. 

I tried getting back into the dating scene some time after and met a guy who waa 7 years older than me which I found even more scary to disclose too,it didn't help that he was quite pushy to have sex with me on the 2nd date that I felt I had to then disclose and be put on the spot when it just wasn't the right timing for me. He said it was a bit of a problem but then carried on kissing which led to us having sex. Wasn't till days after when he did some research to find there was no cure that he then said it was a deal breaker and the only thing that puts him off me and said I should just date guys that have an incurable std by going on a dating site especially for people with lifelong stds. Even after educating him about it he made me feel like I was worthless all of a sudden and that I had a death sentence over my head or something. It really really hurt..even though I didn't believe he was the right one for me as he was older I didn't find the conversations very interesting it was just the fact that I was rejected for the first time ever over something I have no control over plus having sex with me before researching about it then having a problem with it. He then said goodbye and blocked me.

It has since then pushed me further back from the dating scene. My friends are all in relationships so don't have much time for me as I am the only single one. Now having this has made everything with dating so much harder that I don't think I can risk getting hurt again. I would love to meet the right guy for a relationship but can't see it happening and to talk about this has bought me to tears as its made me feel more alone than ever.

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I don't think I can just wait and see if they come up again because I think about it on a daily basis and it's really getting in the way of my studying and overall quality of life. It could be the stress but I'm getting a lot of spots, on my face and around my lip as well as near my pubic area (but nothing that can be swabbed). Have you heard of letsgetchecked.com because they offer an at home blood test for herpes which isn't too expensive and tells me if it's HSV-1 or HSV-2, I feel like at this point it's my best bet because I can't cope not knowing anymore.

You are definitely not alone in this it's just the stigma and the fact so many people are unaware they carry the virus due to little or no symptoms. It does affect your life in a big way and it sucks that it can damage your chance of future relationships but it doesn't mean you have to give up. It may take longer but there are billions of people out there it's just about finding the right one. 

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